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This site was started to help others and share what we know. I have a vision of putting together a group of talented people that want to share what we know to help others. I know a lot of you want to blog/ write but the thought of running a site is overwhelming and expensive. I figured I already pay to have my site up and I have a lot of traffic why not give people a platform to share. This is not a paid opportunity in cash but my site may lead to other opportunities for you in the future. You never know who reads my site since it also feeds to lifetimemoms.com This is a great opportunity if you own a business, have a talent, or have a great story to share.

Here are some topics I am interested in but I am not limited to any of these so feel free to pitch me

Write me at: [email protected] subject: Pitch

Party Planning/ wedding Planning

DIY- Crafters welcome, etsy creators, pinterest images and projects needed

Food- Lunch box ideas, crockpot meals, quick cooking ideas, meal planning ideas

Relationships- Single scenes, being a single parent, married and keeping your relationship alive,

Green Living- how to make your own household, beauty products, save energy etc

Sports, health, fitness-

Mrs/ Mr. Fix it- how to fix things

In the News- anything that is current I love a good debate.

Coupon shopper

Coupon shopper who are willing to share their strategies for saving money,

Shoppers who are willing to share the real deals


Health related issue- Living with a disease or people with disease, handling adversity

College life?







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  1. says

    Not sure if I’m suppose to ‘pitch you’ here. I write from the heart, mostly about the many trials and lessons life offers…with a few recipes, crafts, quotes and photos thrown in. Would count your consideration an honor.

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I have thought about writing, but I just haven’t summoned up the courage to get started. Maybe this is a message to me that you have to start somewhere! I love all things fashion and beauty related, and can give professional makeup advice, as a freelance makeup artist who has been trained by Bobbi Brown.

  3. says

    i’m newly married – have experience on how to make a marriage work, keep the flame burning, working together, camping together, traveling together, keeping the bills low, grocery budget, all sort of great tips – you ask – i would be happy to help. a marriage is a constant job – you have to tend it – work it – it’s fun….
    have a blessed day. any questions or help – please ask.
    take care. ( :
    Beth recently posted..hotel . . .My Profile

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