Wow Antlers! Light up Antlers Review

Wow Antlers! Light up Antlers Review


Christmas time is one of my favorite times of year! I love all the cheer, colors, music, and I’ll admit it, the presents! Christmas has changed so much for me since having my little girl. I try to bring holiday cheer with us everywhere and I get more excited watching her open presents than opening my own! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is my daughters favorite Christmas movie, so when I was approached by Wow Antlers! to check out their awesome light up antlers for your car (or bike!) I knew I had to jump on it! You guys, these things are SO cute and festive, you will love them as much as your kids do! 

Here is how cute this Wow Antlers! are:


The Wow Antlers! are super cute, and easy to install, and have bright white LED lights that help you light the way in your car! My daughter and I were excited when these arrived and had to try them out as soon as they came!


The Wow Antlers! run on 2 provided AA batteries, and that is how simple it is to make them glow. Pop your batteries in and flip the “on” switch! It comes with a fabric batter bag attached so you won’t see the batteries once the antlers are installed. Very user friendly!


When it came to actually installing the Wow Antlers! it was a fast and easy process! You clip the antlers to your windows and roll them up! Yep, it really is that easy! The cute little peppermint “nose” was also easy to install. It came with a twist tie that you use to simple twist around the grill of your car! The Wow Antlers! look great light up in the dark, and with the lights turned off during the day!

My final thoughts on the Wow Antlers!



The Wow Antlers! are a great way to show your Christmas Spirit in a fun way, and you are sure to cause a few smiles wherever you go! And my daughter says that Santa will know you that you truly love Christmas and will bring you special gifts when he see’s your Wow Antlers! 

Make sure to check out the Wow Antlers! Website, Facebook pageand Twitter for ordering information and specials! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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