Would you pay to watch videos on YouTube?

Would you pay to watch videos on YouTube?



Google is considering starting a new subscription service where customers would pay $1.99 a month. This will apply to about 50 channels that YouTube currently offers. It seems as if YouTube is trying to move away from it’s user driven past, and roll out some professional quality videos, and has poured about $200 million in making that happen.

Time Warner, The Chernin Group, Bertelsmann, Discovery Communications and Comcast have all invested in companies that create or aggregate YouTube content.Once this new subscription service from YouTube rolls out, it’s channels will be able to compete with the likes of Netflix, which has more than 30 million subscribers, and Hulu, which is owned by Walt Disney, News Corp and Comcast, which is holding steady at over 4 million subscribers.

So, what do you think about YouTube charging you for watching videos? Would you subscribe? I’m personally not sure I would, because I already have Netflix and Hulu, so unless they had a dedicated Big Brother channel that had every episode of every season, you might have to count me out.


Feel free to read the original article regarding YouTube Subscriptions 

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