Fish and Veggies

I Threw it Together Dinner of Fish and Veggies

I had 20 minutes and soccer to content with. I opened the freezer and began the treasure hunt. I spotted frozen flounder. Score. I placed it under cold running water for two minutes. Then I had to figure out what to put with it. I came up with tomatoes, red onions, orange peppers, and garlic infused cheese. I served it on a bed of polenta. Voila! The adults topped it with salsa. The kids just ate it topped with the alouette cheese spread and veggies on the side.

1 roll of polenta

2 orange peppers

5 fillets of flounder

4 tomatoes

1/2 red onions

olive oil

couple of tablespoons of alouette cheese

I put the oven up to 350 degrees and I cooked the fish covered with the alouette cheese for approxiametly 12 minutes.

I placed the veggies in the pan with a little olive oil

Then I decided to cook the polenta in olive oil as well until the polenta was soft.

I just kind of threw it all on the plate and pretended that I planned this meal… it turned out well and the kids asked for seconds. A point for mom!

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    Wow looks great! I’d like to come over for dinner 🙂 I’m glad you included the recipe…we love potenta and I’m always looking for ways to serve a fast healthy meal to my family. I just came across an great cook book called Let’s Cook Tonight (author Gigi Centaro). She even publilshes a menu on line. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

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