Working Mom: What’s for Dinner.. coupons?

I am a working mom who has a husband that often travels for a living. We have a deal that when he is on travel I can order in. Whoa you say. How is that in the budget? Well, it used to not be and that was before coupons. You maybe thinking I am talking about coupons for the grocery store but I’m not. I am talking about coupons for meals out.

My husband gets a per diem when he travels. We have a deal that he will buy his food for very reasonable prices and the money leftover can be used  for me to order in. We have bought his food ahead of time using coupons on sites like and Living Social, Groupon, Buy with Me and Eversave . you can look up the cities you are going to and buy coupons for dinners for 50% off or more. It is a great way to eat out on the cheap and it allows me to have dinner delivered so I do not lose my mind trying to work until 8:00 pm,  make dinner, do homework, clean up after dinner, baths, stories, and getting lunches ready and blogging 🙂

I thought I would share because it is often hard to find a good place to eat on the cheap when you travel. I found these deal sites to be a real treat. It also means my husband will actually eat something good for dinner instead of trying to save money and eat oatmeal for dinner. Got to love him!

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