Wii Play Motion Review

Wii Play Motion…

We were recently given the opportunity to play and test Wii Play Motion. The Wii Play Motion contains 12 games. Each game has different goals and different ways of controlling them. Each game was a lot of fun and was had easy to follow directions. Cone zone requires stacking ice cream scoops on a cone. Veggie Guardin’ is a version of the popular Whack a Mole. Skip Skimmer is a game of rock skipping, requiring great control of the wrist movements. Trigger Twist is a fun series of target shooting. Pose Mii Plus is a fun matching game which requires you to match up your character to a particular area on a wall. Jump Park is a gem collecting game while Teeter Targets is another target shooting game. Spooky Search is a fun ghost hunting game. Wind Runner requires you to collect gems. Treasure Twirl is a underwater treasure hunt. Flutter Fly is a fun game of balloons and floating through the air. Star Shuttle is a fun space game requiring the player to manipulate themselves through space to deliver parts to their destination.

Wii Play Motion is a fun collection of games that will be enjoyed by entire family. Each game is child friendly and fun for adults to play along. Unlike a lot of the games on the market today, we found that Wii Play Motion was not only fun but promoted the fun without harshness. We love the Wii!!!

~Karla and Christopher Robey
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