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Because it WORKS and anyone can do IT!!!

Check out our podcast to learn more under the coupon system tab

Check out our podcast to learn more under the coupon binder tab

Here is a note from one of our users

Amee and Renae:

I emailed you after my class to say thanks, but I just had to thank you one more time. I am really paying attention to sales (especially CVS and Harris Teeter) now and combined with my coupons, we are getting so much more for our money. I’ve not yet been able to really reduce our budget for food since I have no stockpile yet and still am forced to buy stuff we need when it is not on sale, but I can see that it will eventually pay off. I have been keeping track of my CVS purchases and after shopping there for just one month (June 12-July 13) I have $106 worth of products that after coupons and Extra Care Bucks I have only paid $23 out-of-pocket. And except for the generic school supplies, I have gotten name brand, high quality products that I had always considered too expensive in the past. I just had to say thank you again. I am a stay at home mom right now, and the more I can get our spending under the control, the longer we can afford to keep me at home. Your class definitely changed our lives for the better.

WE will do online classes via skype if you gather at least 4 people. It will change your life.. imagine if you could have more and spend less!

We have just secured another date for a coupon workshop. This time we will try a Saturday class!

When: August 15th 10am

WhereFluvanna County Library in the meeting rooms.

What: A two hour couponing course that teaches you how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill. We will talk about coupons 101, how to CVS, how to do rebates, how to get organized and so much more. You will also receive our custom coupon binder system.

Cost: $40 (includes all supplies and our new upgraded fabric binder!) Watch the podcast on the Coupon Binder tab at the top of our site to see what is included.

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