Why I left my purchases at the big box bullseye store

You all know I hate poor processes and customer service. I believe that every store needs to make it easy for a person to shop in their establishment no matter how big their operation. I won several giftcards using superpoints. You can sign up here since it is FREE to sign up for Superpoints.  I had $100 in egiftcards to the bullseye store. I gathered all my purchases and I went to pay using my egift card in my cellphone. I then read further and saw I had to deposit this in  “mobile” account. I mean really?  I can’t imagine a gift card that is sent to  you by the store has to go through another process so you can use it. I think this store needs to make shopping there easier.They couldn’t even type int he card number and access code into their registers. I can honestly say I will not be requesting any more egiftcards. I wasn’t able to use mine because I couldn’t complete the process on my phone while in the store so I left $100 worth of items on the counter and left as an unhappy customer. I will order online or use my cards for a giveaway but I will NOT request anymore gift cards from this store.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you feel like stores make using their gift cards difficult?

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  1. claudia says

    I have found Target to be especially difficult in the process of coupons, cashier friendliness & knowledge and general attitude towards saving money.

  2. B C EDWARDS says

    I’m new to superpoints so I only grab the gc that I know I can use LOL, guess I’m chicken. I think I did a amazon.com one (or maybe it was .ca, both ship to canada, so no biggie) and I like amazon as I can pile up all my ecodes from swag or sppts and not have to worry

    I have walked out of a store when there have been to few cashiers though, and I shouldn’t be frustrated about that really, cus there is a shortage of workers all over (for instance my workplace hired three people yesterday , one who walked in off the street, had an interview immediately and got hired that day ) ….we hired 5 students in the past month as well and hope to hire more

  3. Jennifer says

    I personally cash my Superpoints into my Paypal account. I can use it on whatever I want, whenever I want that way. But I agree with you that customer service should be these stores top priority, and making it difficult to use a gift card seems to be cutting their own throat.

  4. Stephanie mutone says

    Are the superpoint rewards all egift cards? I’m building my points up but want a physical card sent. Should I just do pay pal cash instead?

  5. jeannine s says

    Did target change their e-giftcard redeeming then? The last time I got a target e-gift card you could only redeem it online.

  6. Krystal says

    I’ve redeemed several Target e-giftcards through superpoints. They’re my favorite store to redeem for (though lately, I’ve just been doing paypal). I’ve never had any issues at the store, but I’ve always used my mobile account, so I guess that makes a difference. It’s pretty simple to add it to your mobile account, and I even add any physical gift cards that I get to my account so if I lose it I can still use it. I agree though, that they should accept them without the mobile account, too. In my opinion, they should make spending money at their store as easy as possible.

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