Why I had the Gastric Sleeve


Why I gave up Dieting and had the Gastric Sleeve

gastric sleeve

I have struggled with my weight as fast back as I can remember. I was never a skinny person but growing up I wasn’t heavy either until about Junior High. The weight piled on and it was after college that I really seen myself as fat. Yes, I said fat. I am not hiding behind words such as overweight, pleasantly plump, husky, or big boned. Over my teenage years I would alternate between starving myself and binging and purging. I never got skinnier instead I gained even more weight. When I am honest with myself I see that I was OBESE. Thru my journey to the Gastric Sleeve I have learned to be honest if I am going to change.

When I was in my early 20’s I decided that I wanted to change and I set out on a drastic path. I worked out 2 hours a day and never consumed more than 1000 calories. I lost 60 pounds and was happy but I always seen my flaws. At times I would stumble back into my old habits of starving or purging.  When I was feeling good I reveled in clothes shopping in “normal stores” and the attention I seemed to gain because all though I lost weight my “chest” stayed a DD!

The weight gradually came back on and I have struggled for the past 9 years to lose the weight. I tried fad diets, weight watchers, and even caught myself reverting to my old habits, again. I started working out last summer doing Water Aerobics and Curves but no matter what I did the scale never budged. One day a light bulb came on and I realized that at 34, 5′ 3″  and 260 pounds I needed to do something. I was missing out on so much because I was always tired or wore out super easy. I attended a seminar on the Gastric Sleeve and other Gastric options and a week later had my first appointment.

gastric sleeve

At my heaviest weight of 260 pounds before the Gastric Sleeve

My insurance said they would cover the procedure but only after 6 months of documented weight loss. So I started going to the Weight Loss Clinic at my local hospital and began the 6 month process. I would like to say during that time the weight left but I would yo-yo up and down for almost 6 months. I began to get discouraged until I realized that even though the scale was not moving my mindset and thinking process was changing. I was cooking more at home,we were eating fast food a lot less, my daughter’s snacks became healthier, I was mindful when ordering at restaurants, and I even began trying new food flavors that I had shunned in the past.

I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery on April 5, 2013. My weight that day was 246 pounds. After only 6 weeks, I am down to 214 pounds. I still have a long way to go but after going to Cedar Point this weekend I realized once again why I made the right decision. I fit in the rides and made it for 2 days keeping up with my 14 year old and 9 year old. They were asking me to take breaks not me asking them. I was even able to step in and help a pregnant mom who couldn’t ride a ride with her boys and they were too small to go alone. I was worried but excited that I was able to help and I fit in the ride below.

gastric sleeve

This is my daughter but I fit in this little kiddie ride!!

I have a long road ahead of me and I will never be in the clear but with the Gastric Sleeve I gained a step in the right direction. It will be at least 1 year before I am even at my goal weight and now begins the part of strength training to ensure that I build muscle mass instead of losing it. With my surgical clearance and everyone’s blessing,I am ready to begin the next step in my recovery after my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments about my weight loss or the Gastric Sleeve in the comments section below and I will try my best to answer each and every one.

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  1. I need a support team but none close to me! Your story is wonderful! I have some ?
    My story is a bit odd .. I developed two leaks .. So I’m just now starting like week three .. I lossed so much weight .. Now I’m weak!what the things to get stronger?far as food? I drank for 2 months..so I can hardly
    Protien drinks !