Why coupon?

Photo taken by Brook Robinson

Photo taken by Brook Robinson

This is what I asked myself five months ago. I figured that the food that has coupons for it were ones I didn’t eat. I am right that some of  the food we eat do not have coupons for them. GASP, from the crowd. Well then why do I coupon? That is a very simple answer because I hate paying full price for diapers, formula, dish soap, tampons, shampoo, soap, laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, sponges, make up, razors, and every other consumable I use. I also use coupons for meals out, home services, and clothes. That’s right by not paying over 25% for the above items by using coupons I am able to take my $200.00 a week grocery bill down to $100.00. That is why I coupon to be able to buy the things I already use and SPEND less.

The reason why I coupon is simply my daughter Margeaux will be attending the University of Florida (hopefully, she isn’t even one yet). My husband and I are able to pay into her pre paid college fund because I coupon and you can’t argue with that!

What could you do with some extra money? How can you provide for your future? Imagine if you could save just $10.00 a week. Then you could apply that $10.00 towards the principle of your car loan, house loan, or toward your credit card payment.

What if the solution to your financial dilemmas can be achieved by investing in yourself? We have a workshop and a MD Coupon Solution to help you.

Are you worth it?



It enable me to take control over my spending while I wasn’t spending more than what we earn I was paying more than I should have been. It isn’t what you SAVE it is what you SPEND.


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