Why BUY coupons!?

See the deals and wonder Why BUY coupons!?

I used to wonder Why BUY coupons but then realized if you get only the coupons you want and need you aren’t wasting money on whole newspapers.

Note: I “buy” my coupons all the time. What I am actually buying is someone’s time to cut the coupons and put them in an envelope and mail them to me.  It is just too long to say I am buying someone’s time to cut coupons for me. We also name posts for what people search they do not search how to find people who cut coupons to save me time :  I hope that makes sense- so we are not actually advocating for BUYING the coupon we are advocating for buying the service of having someone do it for you.”

kraft mc coupon order

I recently saw a deal for FREE papertowels.  I don’t regularly buy newspapers but frequently have ladies give me their coupons that they will not be using.  Once I saw the paper towel deal I knew I could buy 20 Wiz Clipz coupons for the price of the local paper.  My question then became why NOT buy coupons instead of why buy coupons!

You know why this site is great? A lot of the coupons I found on there were not in any of my local papers and they were high value!  Here is a comparison of the why buy inserts (where I compared my local coupons with the coupons from Insert Insanity, the sister site for Wiz Clipz.)

You save time and money when you buy from Wiz Clipz.  You don’t have to go get the newpapers, sort or clip the coupons.

Another way Wiz Clipz saves you time is if your coupon is out of stock at the moment they will email you when it is restocked.  You don’t have to haunt or stalk a coupon service waiting to see if the coupon is restocked.   If a HOT coupon is currently out of stock it will show a “notify me when available” button. When you click on that button you will get an update when that one coupon is in stock.

This is what I saved on just ordering paper towel coupons:
I ordered 2 packages of 10 Sparkle coupons for $1.00 each and paid $.50 shipping. Then used the coupons at my local store that doubles and paid ONLY TAX (.07/$1) So, for the cost of the coupons $2.50 plus tax $.70 total of $3.20 I got $21.40 worth of paper towels.  Ignoring the tax I paid 10% of the cost for the paper towels when I paid for the coupons!!!  Each coupon cost me only $.15 but saved me $1!  This is only one of many savings that buying coupons can provide.  If I had bought 10 newspapers at $2.00 each I would still have been able to get my paper towels free but would have been out of pocket $20 rather than $1.  If you only need one or two coupons from an insert Wiz Clipz  is the way to go!
Wonder why buy inserts? If a particular week’s inserts are full of HOT coupons then you can buy inserts from Insert Insanity.  Insert Insanity has several bonus buys available throughout the month.  Get ready for this stock up price on vegetables.  If the coupons are sold out, consider getting the inserts! Check the Sunday coupon inserts, then get the coupons you need and want from Wiz Clipz.

Now you know why buy coupons, go get what you need at Wiz Clipz

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