Whole Foods: Orchids One Day Sale

Are you looking for a way to Pay it forward this Friday? How about buying someone you love some flowers. These are my favorite. I have to admit I am treating myself to one tonight. I love having them in my house they are so beautiful. They are also easy to take care. I can typically keep my alive for 6-9 months and my thumb is not green.

Today Friday, April 27 only, phalaenopsis orchids will be on sale at Whole Foods Market for only $9.99. These elegant orchids have a long lasting bloom, come in a variety of colors, and grow well near bright windows with no direct sun light.

Here are five reasons to  love Phalaenopsis orchids:

  1. Add a pop of springtime color into your office or home
  2. Potted plants can last for months and years, and at this price, they’re a great deal too!
  3. They make great end-of-the-year teacher’s gifts
  4. Housewarming gift for your next spring celebration
  5. Low-maintenance. They only need water once a week!

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  1. Leslie Galloway says

    I love when they have these sales. can’t believe I missed it. I can’t keep orchids alive, but I love to buy them instead of “fresh” flowers because they usually last me about a month with no care.

  2. Trayce Mc says

    They’re gorgeous flowers! I love when I get the chance to go to wf. Their flowers are so beautiful!

  3. Calshondra Williams says

    I love Orchids and I think they are so pretty. This is a good deal at Whole Foods. Plan on purchasing one or two.

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