White Elephant Party Rules

White Elephant Party Rules

White Elephant Party Rules

This game is sometimes called a Gift Swap, Yankee Swap, Black Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Greedy Punter, Thieves’ Christmas or Naughty Santa.

The objective is to come home with the gift you want and leave one you do not want. The gift can be new or used. It can be bought or created it can not be stolen. Well that is until you play the game.

The first thing you need to do is invite 6 or more people to play. You will need to create a limit to the amount that can be spent. You will ask each person to wrap their gift and place it in a central location. Then you will draw numbers based on the number of people there. The person that receives #1 will select the first gift. They will also have the opportunity at the end to take anyone’s gift. The person that selects the next gift will have the option of taking the gift of the person before him or her or selecting a new unwrapped gift. The person who is selected third can take the gifts of the person selected prior to them or a new unwrapped gift.

The white elephant is really the gift that didn’t get traded and someone was stuck taking home!

The White Elephant Party Rules are easy to follow which makes this a fun party game.

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