Which Purse Should we giveaway first?

   Yesterday, I asked what made my husband almost faint? The answer is I had all these designer bags on the floor. He calmed down after I explained they were for you and not my personal collection!

It is the month of savings. I am sure you have been following all my posts. If not please check the Saving Tips out. If you need some cash apply to work for me! Intern JOB. I know that not only do you need tips to save money but a little bit of motivation and a little fun money which we are also giving away daily! $5 cash contest but you need a purse to put it all in. I mean what is more motivating than a designer purse! I saved up for my last one for over a year but it is so worth it! You can read all about my Designer purse experience.


The purses on the left are coach and the purse on the right are all Kate Spade… we intend to give away almost $3,000 worth of purses …. are you in or what… The only question left is where do I start. Leave me a comment below.

1) Gold Coach Purse

2) Black Shiny Coach Purse

3) Black Coach Purse

4) Brown Coach Purse

5) Black Kate Spade Purse

6) Kate Spade Purple Purse

7) Kate Spade Polka Dot Purse

8) Kate Spade Green Purse

Leave the number below of the one you want so we know where to begin…


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  1. Del Marie Riley says

    Number 8 Kate Spade Green purse. I love it. The color of the year is Emerald green after all. Cool way to toss some into your wardrobe.

  2. Judy VanGuilder says

    Love both the black and gold Coach, and the polka dot Kate Spade and….. Oh boy, am I really supposed to choose just one?

  3. Jenafer Barker says

    3) Black Coach Purse is the one I would want to win. Another option might be to let the winner choose the purse? Having a vote on which one you giveaway first is really great but being able to choose which one if you were the winner would be out of this world. Just a thought :-) You obviously know much more about these things then I do!

  4. Honey says

    I think number eight, the lovely Green Kate Spade purse should be the first one. It is bright and reminds me that spring is coming up eventually to wash the winter blahs away!

  5. Katy M says

    I’m super-excited about the kate spade green purse and the kate spade polka dot purse!

    Yea!!! Thanks!

    I bet your husband did almost faint!!!

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