Where is the beef?



Farmer's market

Farmer's market

Well, today I found some on sale at Giant. I went coupon less shopping. That’s right I only  used one coupon…HA? Well I have so much food I only need to buy meat and veggies this week. I really think that is the point of coupons. Buy what you already use and get it  cheap or free! Then you can buy other things that you want and still stay within the “budget.”

This week’s menu at our house includes

Mussles mariana (mussels $4.99 Giant, Ragu from HT $1.50, special secrets to make sauce taste better $1, Pasta Free from HT sale)

Chicken Marsala- Chicken all natural $3.90 giant, Macaroni grill $2.99 from HT

Stromboli- $1.89 pizza dough at giant (this is cheap elsewhere but I only want to go to one store)

Connie’s pot roast- Meat was $2.89 Giant

Roast chicken with tomatoes and sweet potatoes (chicken was $7.50 for two at giant)

Pizza- goat cheese and tomatoes from giant $5.49 (this is for friday night after karate)

Veggie Stir fry with beef – Will buy veggies at the farmers market

Lunch- salad, rueben sandwiches, ravioli, ham and brie or baguette

Breakfast- waffles, cereal, home made banana muffins, and eggs and bacon

(so from today’s Giant trip I will still have 1 chicken left over for next week and one huge chunk of  beef chuck)

Spent $60.80 and Saved $23.89

Framer’s market spent $21.75

So $82.55 But I was over by $17.00 last week towards this week so still under $100.00 for the week!!!

(I also did the rite aid deal Renae suggested I used my free diaper coupon from a previous rebate from rite aid, huggies coupons, the coupon to make money on the Proantinox, and the spend $20 get $5 off. . I ended up paying $15.68 out of pocket for 3 large packs of huggies diapers, 2 containers of huggies wipes, and the proantinox. Why did I not count this in my above total well there is a rebate for $11 in single check rebates for the wipes and diapers. Then I applied the balance to my gift card from Rite Aid. I didn’t actually hand over any cash 🙂 I love to coupon!!!!!!! I will also submit my receipt to the cavergiver market place to get $2.25 back for the 3 pack of diapers because each package has a rebate for $.75. If you take that into account as well as the coupons, and the free diaper coupon, and single check rebate I actually paid $3.00 for 3 huge things of diapers and two tubs of wipes!!!! IT NOT what you SAVE it is what you SPEND! I spent about a $1.00 a week for the next three weeks for diapers and wipes!


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