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I think there are two types of business owners out in the world. The first is one that operates a business. They sell the service or merchandise. They do the books and the make sure everything is running smoothly. Then there is the second type of business owner and they understand the importance of developing and building a brand. They understand that your marketing material is secondary to your product but without it your business will not be as successful.

I recently came to the conclusion that my branding needed a little pick me up. I have worked hard on my businesses branding. I had not work hard on my branding outside of the internet. I decided that I was going to focus on you tube videos and complete one once a week. The problem was I didn’t have a nice area in my house that would allow me to further my brand. I decided to make one.

I went to Signazon.com and I selected a banner design. I found the site was easy to use. I was able to drag and drop all of my images easily into their templates. I actually created my banner to reflect a larger size business card.The banner I selected had grommets on all four sides so it can easily be hung. I intend to place mine behind me on the wall behind me so when I create my you tube videos my brand will be present.

I was impressed by the selection and low prices at Signazon.com. I was pleased with the quality of my order and the process. I had to have some help with my design and the team at Sigazon.com handled all of my issues with easy to understand directions and suggestions to insure I received the quality product I needed. This is what the banner looks like when it arrived at my house. The quality of the photo is not a reflection of the awesome sign. You can also look at my newest youtube video to see how great this sign is.

I thought about of the wonderful ways to use signage to improve your brand recognition. I would think about what your brand is and build your design from there. You can have the opportunity to virtually create your design so you can work on it over time. When you have completed your design there are hundreds of ways to bring it to life. The first way is to brand your store front. The next way is to brand you vehicles since they have several options. The car signage is priced well and very effective. I am in love with the sections for personal signage. I know we recently created a sign for our children’s birthday party. It was an awesome addition and something we will do each year. I would allow the children this year to sign it as they came in and leave a special message for my children.

Here are some of the products I intend to  purchase in the near future yard signs, car magnets, and window clings.

You can see the live version below in my video review

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