What’s for Dinner Wednesday: Reservations

I think I may be losing my mind so I am not cooking. Yes, I have a gorgeous assistant but we all know what assistance can do for the cleanliness of your kitchen.  I put away my Once A Month Cooking for another couple of days. I will continue to use this method. I will start another week of cooking this weekend. I have to say so far we have really liked the easy to make recipes!Now if my husband would stop traveling for work we could enjoy more of them together.

The reason for my departure from cooking this Wednesday is my husband is in Egypt so I am in survival mode. I hate making dinner when Mat is on travel. It is so hard to get everyone organized and then to do all the clean up and the bedtime routine so were going out. This is how I get dinner out on the “cheap”. The kids are still under 10 so they eat off the kids menu. I get two kids meals and they share them. Then I get an appetizer because with three kids I will need something I can eat quick. I am also not a person who needs tons of sides so this works for me.  We then all get water with lemon and sometimes I add those little drink packs in the kid’s drinks. I have a hard time paying $1.20 for each drink. When we do buy drinks I buy the small since refills are included why pay more to hold a bigger cup?  We eat for less than $20 bucks with tip. The kids usually have a take away for later. The other thing I have done is take them to the Chinese buffet at 2:00pm for a late lunch and when dinner rolls around we eat yogurt and fruit for dessert. It is worth every penny to save my sanity, keep my kitchen clean, and not having to cook is priceless.

How do you save money when taking out your family?

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  1. says

    I have 2 kids under 10, a husband, work full time and blog part time so I look forward to days I don’t have to cook. I try to use my Entertainment Book when I go out as much as possible and I leave it in my truck so I don’t have to worry about forgetting it at home. This past weekend we went to dinner at Stool Pigeons and spent $23 total on all 4 of us. I had a coupon for B1G1Free adult meal but since Saturday kids ate free, I could not combine a coupon with an existing discount but I made out cheaper anyway as normally the kids meals are 4.99 each or $10 for both. My meal was $8 and my husband’s was $10. The kids’ meals also came with a drink and my husband and I splurged and got a drink but I also carry crystal light packets to use when I go to restaurants more so now since I went to a famous restaurant recently and they told me they use those same packets when someone asks for pink lemonade for like $2 a pop. Interesting.
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  2. Amanda Y. says

    I wish we could only pay $1.2o for drinks! We also have 12% food tax which sucks, but still sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to save your sanity!


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