What Mr. Madame Deals is Doing while I am at Blissdom

I am going to Blissdom! I am so excited. I have packed my blogger bag. I have made my Blissdom budget. I have put together my Blissdom thank you post to my sponsors. I have organized everything I can. I am now making the list of what Mr. Madame Deals will need to do while I am away. I want to thank my husband for taking two days vacation to be the stay at home parent while I am the work out of the house parent. He is very excited to try to do what I do. You know manage the houses and the kids and a business.

On Wednesday night when he gets home. He will need to make sure the children have on their pajamas. He will need to be certain that the right pajamas are selected for our daughter and make sure our son has his on the right way. He will need to make sure the babies diaper is on correctly. Then he will need to make sure everyone has their teeth brushed. He will then need to go on a search and rescue mission for the blankets. He will need to enforce the potty break or deal with the puddle at 3:00 am.Once that is complete then it is 30 minutes of story time. He will be asked to read at least one book over and over again. He will need to do so using the crazy voices. Then kisses and lights off. When he is leaving the room he will have to calm down our daughter and explain the shadows are friends.

In the middle of the night you will be woken up by children that scream and talk in their sleep. You will need to lay the older one down at about 2;30 am. The baby will wake up around 11:30 and cry. You will need to give him his blankie that he has lost while sleeping. Then our daughter will wake up around 3:00am if you forgot the potty break.

You will be woken at 5:30 by the baby saying “Hi Momma… HI HI HI”. Then you will get the baby out of the crib and change his diaper and place him in bed with you until the other two wake up. You will receive a visitor that will yell “Boo” at 6:30 am. You will send her to the potty. Then you will give kisses and hugs. Then our son will come in and exclaim “Do I have to pack my lunch or will you do it?” You will decide based on how quick he gets dressed. You will ask all the children to get into the shower. You will grab clothes for all of them while they are in the shower. You will place the larger towel on the stall so they can wipe their own eyes. Then after about five minutes you will need to help wash their hair.

Then they will all want to come out at the same time. You will attempt to towel dry the little ones at the same time. You will dress the baby first and give the little girl an additional towel until your ready to dress her. Then you will dress our little girl. She will explain in detail what lip gloss she wants and how she wants her hair. She can only have the strawberry shortcake one if she has brushed her teeth. You will have to blow dry all three children’s hair. Do not let our eldest son do it. He will hit someone in the head by accident. Trust me.

You will need to look at the children after they have been dressed. There will be someone who is not zipped or doesn’t have their shirt on the right way. You will have to help them put it on correctly. It being “on” does not mean they are ready to go into public. If you fail to make sure they do not have on their pajamas or their clothes on right side out then everyone will know I am gone.

Then the kids will go downstairs. The will each need $2.00 for pizza money on Thursday you will need to pack a full lunch for Friday. They will also pack snacks. You will have to look at our daughter’s bag she will have three treats and no fruit or veggies. She will also have candy in her pocket. You will need to get it back before she goes to the bathroom to eat it.

Then they need to eat. They will all need drinks and they will all want something different. I would suggest pancakes because they will all eat them. Then you will need to ask them to clean up. You will have to wash down the baby who will have syrup in places you didn’t think possible. Then you will do all the dishes and ask them to get out the shop vacuum. They will need to use this even though you only made pancakes it will look like a disaster. You will need to insure homework is in the bag and that the bag goes right to the car.

You will tell the children to get on their shoes. The middle child will not have them on the right feet. The eldest will not have them tied. The baby will bring them to you for help. Then the fun begins you will need to help them all find their coats. They will be on the hooks outside however they will not see them. You will not understand why since as soon as you  look  you will see them.  Then help the children put on the coats.

You will need to load the bunch in the car. I suggest you walk out with them. If you ask them to go out to car be careful. The youngest will take off towards the snow or a puddle. He will get dirty is less than 30 seconds. The other two will get into the van. I would make sure the eldest has his homework and book bag and lunch box. Then make sure the middle child has hers.The little girl should have a show in tell in hers if it is Friday. The show in tell must fit in the book bag. She can not give her doll a new name that starts with the letter she is working on.

You will need to drive the eldest to school. I walk him into class. You can not kiss him in front of his friends. Kisses that are blown are acceptable and you may whisper I love you in his ear. You can not touch his backpack or talk to his teacher for to long since “she has other things to do.” Then you will need to try to get the other kids back in the car. They will ask for a snack even though they just ate 12 minutes ago. You will have to grab the fruit bars. The baby will eat it and get it up his nose and in his hair. You have twenty minutes to sit in the car and answer emails. Then you will get out of the car and wipe the baby off. You will take the middle child into school. You will make sure that the middle child has her lunch box and back pack.

Then you will leave and head home. Yes it is only 9:10 am. Now you have to go to work. You will also need to empty the dishwasher and do laundry. The baby will need a snack at 10:30. He will then need a diaper change and you will need to clean up after snack. Then you will play cars and read for at least 30 minutes. You have made it to nap time.

I will write down what you do starting at 12:45 when the baby wakes up.


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  1. Karla Robey says

    Knowing you and your kids the way I do, I laughed out loud as I read this entire post, knowing that it exactly how things are at your house! I love it. You should seriously think about reality television or wirte a book….or maybe just set up a video camera in your house to record it for your kids when they are grown.

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