What is a Good Buy Price for Dairy & Beverage Items?

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Last week I wrote about my buy price for meat. I got several requests to continue the series! This week I will tell you what my buy prices are for Dairy & Beverage Items. When I finish the series, I will combine the whole list onto one page for you.

If you are just joining us, we are talking about buying products when they are at their rock bottom price. The best way to save money at the grocery store is to track the sale prices and to buy items when they reach their lowest price. If you stockpile items at a low price, it will prevent you from having to buy when it is overpriced. An example would be Kraft Cheese. Kroger has Kraft Cheese on sale for $0.99 as part of the Mega Event. The normal price is around $3.50. Buy enough cheese to get you through until it goes on sale again so you don’t have to buy at $3.50.

“Buy Price” for Dairy & Beverages– Sometimes it will be cheaper than the prices I have listed below. Prices listed are after coupons.

  • Cheese- bar or shredded, $1.50 (This week $0.99 so stock-up! It freezes.)
  • Sour Cream (16 oz.), $0.50
  • Margarine, $0.80-$1
  • Butter, $1.50 (cheaper during holiday baking season)
  • Eggs dozen, $1 (recently $0.88 at Harris Teeter)
  • Yogurt Cups (6 oz.), $0.35
  • Yogurt (4-6 pk.), FREE to $1
  • Soda (12 pk.), $2.25
  • Soda (2 ltr.), $1
  • Orange Juice (64 oz.), $2
  • Juice (64 oz.), $1-$1.50
  • Water (24 pk.), $2.99
  • Sports drinks/ Flavored Water (Gatorade, SoBe, Powerade etc.), FREE to $0.50

Remember that prices vary by region. These are prices I remember paying recently off the top of my head. What are some other items we can add to the list?

Now it’s your turn!

If you are a blogger, write a post about your idea for making dollars out of change. It can be on any topic as long as it has to do with saving money. Please link directly to your post and not your homepage.

If you do not have a blog, we still welcome and encourage your participation! Please leave your thoughts in the in a comment below!

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  1. ACW says

    I guess milk is one of those items that varies a *lot* by region… but with four different chain stores within a 2-mile radius of my home, one of them will usually run a special on milk for under $2.50/gallon, any given week. If one of them happens to run an especially good deal on milk, we’ll buy two gallons the first day of the sales week, and two more the last day of the sales week, because odds are… the price will not stay the same. With two kids in the house and two coffee-fiend adults, we could use a half-gallon a day without even blinking. lol
    The only thing on this list that I have trouble ‘stocking up’ on is eggs… I’m always afraid I’ll overpurchase and they’ll go bad before I can use them. One day, I’ll be Betty Crocker and be so organized that this won’t be a concern. Until that day, do you have any recommendations regarding eggs? 🙂

    • Madame Deals says

      Yes milk does vary a lot and that is why I did not list it. We go through at least 2 gallons a week. My boys are still on whole milk and we are paying about $3 a gallon right now- if not more. $2.80 is about as low as I see it.

      We do use coffee creamer and that is one thing I should have put on the list. I get a 16 oz creamer for $1 or less usually. It has a long expiration, so I stock up when I can get it at that price.

      I do not have recommendations for eggs. I just look at the best buy date on the carton and try to get the furthest one out when buying. We have been using a lot of eggs lately since I have been baking. We have our own chickens but they will not be laying for a couple more months!


  2. ACW says

    Thanks! I’ll have to start comparing expiration dates on the eggs I buy. I can’t believe I didn’t give it a thought earlier! 🙂


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