What Amee is Thankful For

photo by Brook Robinson

photo by Brook Robinson

Well, Renae asked me to pick five things and if you know me, being brief is not a gift I have. It is hard to think of just five but I will do my best.

I am thankful that I am an American. I believe that this has enabled me to become anything I wanted to be. I am proud of all the people who defend my rights and help those who do not have what we so readily enjoy.

I am also grateful for my family and friends with whom my life would be dismal.

I am extremely grateful that we are all healthy and happy.

I am thankful I am in a position to help others either by teaching children with diverse needs, donating clothes, food,  money, and helping others learn to better themselves using this website as the vehicle.

The very last thing I am thankful is we have the ability and strength to continue in the face of adversity which has allowed us to provide our family  with all the luxuries necessary: a house, car, heat, water, and food.

Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY may the love you deserve, find you!

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