Caring through Coupons

I know everyone feels the pinch in our present economy. What if you could make a difference for a couple of pennies? It is possible if you coupon. I have a huge bag of health and beauty products and dry goods ready to pass on. I paid the tax on the items. I love to contribute to society by helping those in need. The main draw to ¬†of our site is how you can do more with less. I mean I am spending less than I did before and I have more to give to others. I have more to save for my family and I have the ability and the means to help others. The answer to your quest to do the same is just one CLIP away….


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    Well said, ladies! It is so true that with a few clips (and a little planning), we can all provide for our families and also help out those less fortunate. We, too, have a stockpile of food, health and beauty aids which we paid pennies for and will contribute to local causes.

    Keep up the good work! Your posts are relevant to each and every one of us in some way or another.

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