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I am not sure what to think? I am in the process of collecting my thoughts and doing my research and I am dumfounded to learn that 1 in 7 people receive help paying for their food. I wonder if giving more people food stamps will really “lick” the program or create a larger one. You see the government has now started to advertise using food stamps. I am positive that we do not need anymore customers using this program. This food stamp program is already over used and abused to the point where the people who need it can’t receive it. It is embarrassing and not worthy of a promotion budget.


The question I have is why? I think it is important for people to figure out ways to live within their budget. I suggest using coupons, shopping deals, and making choices based on what you make not what you want. I understand that people require help at certain points in their lives and I am happy to contribute. I am however not happy to contribute to people who aren’t attempting to get off the program.

What do you think of the ads… shouldn’t we use the millions of dollars to educate our citizens?

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  1. says

    I went to court with a friend of mine last week and was surprised that they were handling out pamphlets for food stamps. They were asking all people who qualify to please apply esp seniors.

  2. Afterthought says

    If you have not found yourself in the position to need help you can’t understand. I do not that is why I wont say that they can fix their lives with coupons and savings. Its insenstive and you sound judgmental. I never have, but I know people who have used it to get back on their feet after being abandoned by a husband having 3 kids. I also have seen people abuse it, but we have to leave that in the hands of the authorities.

    Especially older people need them, they are living on whatever Wheels on Meals can take them…but there is a wait list for that so if this message helps one person I say good.

  3. dorene kennard says

    Money spent on education so that they do not have to live off welfare for a long time is an excellent idea.

  4. says

    I totally agree with you on this! I know quite a few people that sit at home and do nothing and they will tell you that they don’t have to b/c they get welfare and it’s easier for them to live off of welfare then to work. I’m all for helping those that are trying, but what the heck is the deal with the ads? REALLY?

  5. TRACY SIMMS says

    there will be some who are just lazy but many more NEED help in some form..I error on the side of those who NEED help with food, shelter, etc…esp. if there are kids involved. thanks

  6. Crystle Monahan says

    I too, found this insensitive. My family (of SEVEN) gets about $300 in food stamps. We have one mom, one 25 year old hard-working sister, I am 23, in college, and am disabled, and the rest of the kids are ages 14, 12, 11, and 3. We have been abandoned by many people. We are dirt poor, but we live legally. We use coupons whenever we can, and if the coupon(s) and/or sale price does not beat the generic brand’s price, we get the generic. This is on basic food items, like rice. We also have to go to food banks to feed our family, and they (obviously) don’t give enough to feed us for a month (which you can usually only go once a month around here). My sister just got a second job, and I thank God for her since she has no obligation to stay. I can’t get a job yet, which is why I’m in college (it’s complicated) my mother shouldn’t get a job (but has been trying to) as she has really harsh fibromyalgia and arthritis (at only 43!) and is in excruciating pain 24/7. She hasn’t slept a full night in several (I think about 10) years! We DON’T cheat the system, but we lose for that. I know someone who gets over $1k food stamps per month for herself and her three kids! She throws away her good food all the time! Meanwhile, I’ve found my sister and mother FASTING at points so that the rest of us can eat. We just recovered from foreclosure on our home (and are borrowing money from someone to pay off even more money to the bank) our car is falling apart and by the end of this month we’ll be forced to junk it because it irreparable and highly unsafe. Seriously, the frame is falling off.

    Sorry for the rant. Anyway, my point is this: It’s true, the system IS abused by many many people. HOWEVER, not everyone can live within their budget. Unless, of course, you mean that their budget should consist of no septic (did I mention ours was busted? oh yeah. Another bill.) Or possibly no vehicle to transport the family (for example, the 3 year old starts preschool in the fall, and there is no busing for this school, so she’ll have to be driven) or possibly get their electricity shut off, or any number of things because they’ve been stolen from, cursed with pain-ridden bodies that can’t perform hard labor, abandoned by a parent, unable to find a job in this awful economy, etc. Sorry to rant (again) but what you’re saying simply isn’t for the best of all, it may be for some, but not for all. Perhaps if applications were investigated more thoroughly, our country could save money. That would be an excellent idea!! But unfortunately, they’re not, and the system is cheated, leaving people like my family and others in worse situations to chew on dust. But to refuse help to those of us who need it? No. Not a nice idea.

    By the way, I will be graduating in (hopefully) 2 1/2 years, meaning I will be able to support my family as a programmer or computer technician, which will hopefully be enough. Until then, we have no choice but to live on the government. Sorry if any of this was mean, I really like your site and what you post, but this really got me mad. I hate it when people look down on my family’s situation, as if we have any legal alternative. Thanks for reading, and I hope you see that not everyone cheats off the government.

  7. Joyce Raymond says

    It does always seem that it easy to look at the few and blame the many. I worked very hard for many years and stayed in a horrible marriage way too long because I knew I didn’t make enough to take care of myself and my daughter. Not long after I “escaped” I became permanently disabled as a result of the torture that I experienced.Most people don’t know that you have to be disabled for a long time before you become eligible for Disability. During that time you have to find a way to survive, and the one saving grace that I had was Food Stamps. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t like I got enough Food Stamps to feed us well, because I didn’t. We still had to seek the help of food pantries. Just like many other programs and such, some people sell their stamps to help pay the bills, or for bad intent. However, the government has made that a lot more difficult to do. Their are “bad eggs” out there of course
    One more thing. The commercials are their to educate people about the benefits that are there to help them. There is no sense having a program to help people if the people don’t know it exists or how to apply.
    It is unhelpful to look at a good program and make it sound bad because some people don’t have a conscience.

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