What do you do when you're the stay at home mom and you can't work?

What are you worth?

I would like to thank the entire 8th floor at the University of Virginia Hospital for their help this week. I spent my week in the hospital hoping my water hadn’t broken. It did not thank goodness since I am only 26 weeks a long. I am not a person who does well sitting still; especially when I really want to be with my children.  I had the best nurses and doctors and it made it a good experience. Although, I hope not to visit again until June.

It got me thinking what am I worth? I mean in true dollars and cents. We made the decision that I would stay at home and raise the children. My husband has a job that affords us this luxury. The problem is, it doesn’t afford us the luxury of me being in the hospital and having to pay for childcare if I am on bed rest for the next 90 days. We have almost every type of insurance known to man “just in case”. But we do not have anything if I can’t work. Does this exist? What do you do if the stay at home mom can’t stay at home?

I started to really panic since our family lives out of state. I have tons of friends who would help in anyway they can, but I have to be prepared for daily care if needed. I estimate it will cost me about $250 a week for my daughter and my son just for childcare. I am not sure where we would garner the extra $3,000 for the 90 days. We would also need additional funds if I do deliver early because the new baby would require additional care and expenses.

I am asking you, are there any programs out there to help people who make more than $35,000 a year but not enough to pay for child care in an event of emergency?  I have a plan in place since I currently work part-time from my house. I can work from the hospital and make enough to cover the cost of care. We also have family that can come and help if we need them.  I was just wondering about other people who do not have a virtual job, savings, or family to help.  I would like to be able to help others who aren’t as lucky.

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  1. Lyn says

    I’ve just come across this article when reading about ACV. I am also a stay at home mom but could really use so extra money. You said you work part time, what do you do? Can you give me any help on something to find I can do at home? Thank you

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