What Do You Call Easy Money?

I’ll admit to anyone that I’m all about saving money.  Many of the things I do to save a few dollars take very little time.   The bottom line is “every dollar I save is a dollar I don’t spend.

Last week when I was filling up at my local gas station, I noticed a sign on the pump offering me the opportunity to earn a $10 gift card.  It caught my attention and when I asked the attendant to explain, I learned it was very simple.  All I had to do was purchase a minimum of 8 gallons of gas and present my receipt to the cashier.  The cashier then gave me a card to keep with my receipt.  After doing this five times, I log onto the company’s website, enter the codes on the cards I’ve accumulated, and they’ll send me a $10 gift card toward more gas.  I call this easy money!

What do you call easy money?

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  1. diana B says

    I signed up for that promotion, too! But now that I think about it, I have already lost that first scratch-off card. :( I wonder where it is???


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