What can you do?


I believe there are two kinds of people in the world:

those who do


those who make do

I am a person who does. I jump in with both feet after I research the event and I can tell you that everything we “do” on this site in terms of saving money you can also do. It is up to you to make the decision to be a person who “does”.

We would like to be your SPENDING less coaches so join us on September 12, 2009 at  our workshop CLICK HERE to learn how to make DOLLARS out of CHANGE.

Amee PS: Look at our weekly grocery bills. I am down to about $85- $100 from $200 a week. I have not changed our diets to foods just because I have a coupon. I am just paying less for the items I already buy.  I am even able to buy better food than I did before because I have more money to spend.. Ha? Well, I am no longer paying more than 20% for my household and beauty items which has freed up my budget to buy healthier food. I have learned to buy what we need and plan ahead. I have learned that organization is the key. I am “new” to this (Since April this year) but I figured it out and you can too. I have my Spend Less coach in Renae and she has made all the difference to my family and myself because it is not what you SAVE but what you SPEND and I spend 50% or less for my groceries, household goods, and health and beauty products. What could you do with more money?

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