Weekly Shopping Trip

I just want to reiterate everyone shops differently. I personally attempt to buy what I already buy for less. I do so by knowing my prices, stockpiling, using store sales, using the printable shopping lists, and by using coupon match ups.

This week I went to Giant and I barely used coupons… I know gasp. Here is this weeks list if you are heading to Giant. I used the store flyer and some coupons. I spent $121.18. I saved $56.49. I really over bought but I am expecting company and because of my work schedule and possible weather I had to buy anything I may need now.

This is where I embarrass my husband by showing the amount of food I have stockpiled prior to my shopping trip.

Here is what I bought-

Some deals: the Arnold’s Bread was buy one get one free you have to “buy” both because Giant charges you full price for the first item and the second is free.

Tasty Kakes you buy 3 for $6… these are some of my favorite naughty foods from my childhood. If you have read Maniac Magee you will enjoy the butterscotch Krimpets. They also had Gerber baby food buy 5 get one free.

Here is what I am going to do with it-

Weekly Meals:

Monday- Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Tuesday- Pasta and homemade sauce

Wednesday- Bake Potato bar

Thursday- Crab Cake Sandwiches

Friday- Fish Tacos

Saturday- Pork chops

Sunday- Steak

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