We got it and YOU want it SCHOOL Edition

School Supplies Giveaway

School Supplies Giveaway

Well we want to make your life easier and less expensive. We also want to make sure that your student has everything they need. So this week we are giving away school supplies.

So how does this work? Everyday we will add items we got for FREE using sales, extra care bucks, register rewards, and rebates, and COUPONS of course!!!

Contest ends at 10 PM Sunday the 16 of August 2009

Here are the rules:

  • Enter daily and leave a separate comment for EACH entry!
  • 1 entry for being a follower via email or rss feed
  • 1 entry for having attended one of our workshops
  • 1 entry for bragging about our site via facebook, my space, twitter or your      blog
  • 1 entry for telling us one of your money saving tips


  1. Blakely says

    What a great prize. My money saving tip is I am buying in bulk right now while on sale for rest of the year for when the prices will be higher.

  2. Tom-Toms-Mom says

    My son and I would love to win this give-away, he very much enjoys receiving things in the mail, it makes his day. Thanks for the web-site and all the great tips.

  3. Teresa says

    Money and environment saving tip: I do not buy bottled waters. We have a large container with a spigot that I take and have refilled with Culligan water and each family member has their own water bottles to refill.

  4. says

    My money saving tip is that I ‘make’ my own dryer sheets using 1 part liquid fabric softener, 3 parts water, and used Purex 3-in-1 sheets. Soak sheets in liquid, squeeze out & throw in the dryer.

  5. Becca says

    My money saving tip is that I make my own reusable baby wipes from soft flannel cloth. They are great for everything!

  6. Maggie says

    My money saving tip is we raised our air conditioner to 73 degrees (use to be at 70) and are only doing full loads of laundry to cut down on dryer usage- $20 saved since last month hoping this month better!

  7. Karina says

    My money saving tip is to buy things on the cheap for donating or giving away. I’m buying lots of snacks and things we don’t really need to eat for just pennies, and then giving them to our VBS or sharing for snack times in various groups, etc. It’s a great way to do my part in groups without breaking my bank.

  8. Tom-Toms-Mom says

    My son and I would love to win this, what a wonderful giveawy. Thanks for the website and all the ideas.

  9. Tom-Toms-Mom says

    My money saving tip is to share with my family all the great ideas and items I get with my couponing. They think it’s great when I get something practically free.Thanks

  10. says

    My money-saving tip is combining coupons with RR…although it looks like you already actively do that. :) However, I also cut my dryer sheets in half so that they last twice as long.

  11. Teresa says

    To save money I watch local stores for meet sales. I buy the bulk or family packs and divide them into meal size packages for a family of 4 then freeze.

  12. Spoodles says

    Money saving tip: don’t be afraid to work! Convenience costs $. Hang your laundry, bake your bread, make your own baby food.

  13. Iliana says

    One of the tips (which I always follow :)) is to always have my coupon caddy with me when I go shopping. Many times I have come across great clearance sales that I was able to really take advantage of by adding coupons!

  14. Eva says

    My money saving tip is that I only eat half the portion that is put in front of me when I go out to eat at a resturant and box up the rest of the meal to eat later that way I get two meals for the price of one

  15. lori says

    My money saving tip is to trade coupons with others. This way you save money buying papers but get the coupons you really only want.

  16. Nancy says

    My money saving tip is to have a central storage location for all your school supplies. When you find great sale throughout the year, stock up on basic school supplies. Return school supplies that may not be needed over the summer there also. Some items that you can use from year to year could include scissors, a ruler, a protractor, a dictionary, and a high quality book bag, among other things. If you know what you already have on hand and know where to find it, you won’t have to make unnecessary purchases.

  17. says

    My best money saving tip…is if you don’t spend it. That’s it…when there is something that you want…save up the money for it by not stopping for a pop or coffee or going to the grocery store to get lettuce for tacos– my weakness– just take something from home to drink and make something else for dinner.

    mellisarock at yahoo dot com

  18. Deb K says

    My money saving tip is~Start making lunches for school and work as you will be surprised how much money you will save every week!

  19. jill watkins says

  20. Iliana Figueredo says

    To save money, always check clearance aisles (and bring your coupons:) some stores like Walgreens keeps clearance items together with non-clearance. Always keep your eyes peeled whenever you go to a store, you’ll be amazed at the cheap goodies you can find that aren’t advertised.

  21. Becca says

    My new money saving idea is buying christmas gifts throughout the year when they are on sale rather than waiting until December to start looking

  22. Karina says

    I’m off to a great day of helping people at my church block party (Rochester NY anyone? See http://www.trinitycma.com for free fun today 8/15). But before I go I wanted to enter this great giveaway. Schools a ‘comin even though I’m not really prepared!

  23. Nancy says

    My best money saving tip is to watch carefully as your coupons are being rung up to check for errors. This morning as 20 of my mostly 75 cent coupons were being rung up for tripling, on the last 7 the scanner made a “ding” sound, but the coupons were not subtracted. I checked my receipt after I received it and got the additional money off from Customer Service. Also when I hand the coupons to the cashier, I also space out multiples of the same coupon so they don’t stick together and get missed by the cashier.

  24. says

    We use Dave Ramsey’s envelope system…you budget your money and when the cash is gone, spending money on that particular category is over. Really makes you prioritize!

  25. Eva says

    My money saving tips is one everybody has heard before but here it is Always look at the grocery store sale papers and only shop the sale items and then use the couppons that you have for those items to save more money.

  26. Tammy says

    My money saving tip…make your own cleaners and laundry soap! It saves a lot and doesn’t take much effort. Just do a web search and you’ll get a bunch of recipes. They work as good or better then the commercial and are safer imho. :-)

  27. Nancy says

    Tip: Get a calendar and chart all the PTA meetings, Talent Show, parent teacher conferences, special projects, etc on it so you don’t forget!

  28. says

    My money saving tip is to pick two or three stores to shop at consistently. When shopping, do what my husband as spent years trying to get me to do … “stick to the list!” It took me months of playing The Grocery Game to finally figure this out.

  29. Lynn says

    My money saving tip: Look at what you have in your freezer, refrigerator, and cupboard, note the items then go to the “All Recipes” site to the INGREDIENTS SEARCH listing those items; out will come at least a few recipes (if odd combination of ingredients) or maybe hundreds. Sometimes you have to “play with the list of foods” but generally I can always find a good recipe this way without having to shop. That’s one way to save! Great giveaway! :)

  30. Tawnya Simpson says

    My money saving tip is I only use 1/2 of a dryer sheet for each load. They work great and a box lasts twice as long!!!

  31. says

    My money savings tips: always bring the other sales ads to places that match so if you end up forgetting something on your list, you can see if it was cheaper somewhere else. This is probably the easiest and simplest way to begin to start couponing, like a baby step as Dave Ramsey would say. :)

  32. Eva says

    I always go to the fast food resturant s and order from the value menu especially from wendy’s I get a junior bacon cheeseburger small fries and a drink for $3

  33. Liz says

    My money saving tip is creating a spreadsheet that has all of the monthly bills and spending and the cost after coupons. This make you realize if you are spending more than you should just because you have a coupon.

  34. Nancy says

    My money saving tip:
    If everyone has the same “hot” coupons, the regular shelves at your store may be bare. Be sure to check end caps or end of the aisle displays for additional products. I’ve seen this happen more than once!

  35. says

    Something I learned from your website … always ask for a rain check when a store is out of something. I had never asked for a rain check at CVS before this morning and am happy I did. Now I won’t miss out on a deal because the store did not have the items in stock.

  36. Jamie Amatura says

    My money saving tip is a website 1saleaday.com. Its an awsome site when you get things for free most of the time and only have to pay the shipping. Some of the time it might cost a little fee to get what you want but you save lots of money. For exmaple today i got ipod speakers that cost $100.00 just for the shiping price $5.99.

  37. Heather Saylor says

    One money saving tip that my family uses is this. We stopped paying for trash service. Instead, we take our garbage to the dump ourselves. It only costs us $5 each time we go, instead of paying $25 per month for the service. We can even recycle there too. We compost what we can, which saves space in the garbage, and gives us great nutrients for our garden!

  38. Michelle T. says

    Thanks for having give a ways that we can enter. I am a homeschooling mom so we don’t get to go to the usual School bashes where they give school products away.

  39. Michelle T. says

    my money saving tip was that the ladies in our church get together and swap coupons. We were saddened when our Kroger is no longer doubling coupons. :(


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