Water, Water Everywhere!

I don’t know about you but as the temperatures rise, our family goes through a lot of water. I was talking to a friend the other day and she commented how expensive it has become to buy multipacks of water for her family. It dawned on me there had to be a less expensive way to stay hydrated.  I suggested refilling reusable water bottles from a water cooler loaded with a five gallon bottle.

After doing some math (which is not a strength of mine), I discovered I was wrong.  Here’s what I figured out.  A twenty-four pack of 16.9 oz bottles of water runs about $3.99 (on sale).  That’s 405.6 ounces or $0.009 per ounce.  My idea of filling up at our water cooler works out like this:  640 ounces @ $5.95 per bottle or the same $0.009 per ounce.

Now I know we could just fill up our bottles with tap water.  But for some people, that’s not an option, particularly since the water in many areas just doesn’t taste good.

It looks like I’m back to the drawing board.  The heat is upon us and I’m convinced there has to be a less expensive option for us to stay hydrated.

Any ideas from our readers?

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  1. says

    What about a water filter? I don’t have one myself yet. But I’m told that the reverse osmosis ones aren’t all that expensive. Then you’re changing your tap water into something palatable. I know nothing about how often filters have to be replaced or anything though. My fridge has a filter and it works just fine. Has to be replaced about every three months for about $20.

  2. LisaM says

    We have a Brita pitcher I got cheap with recyclebank points/coupon and I’ve found filters that work for the Brita pitchers at Walgreens are the cheapest so far. Every 3 months or so is recommended. They also will give you a coupon when you sign up for reminders to change your filter.

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