Water Bottle Craft: New Home Edition!


Today, I am going to show you how to make a great Water Bottle Craft, for someone who is moving into a new house! This is the latest installment in our Water Bottle Craft Series. This is the Water Bottle Craft: New Home Edition!

Water Bottle Craft Instructions:

  1. Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container
  2. Wash it out and remove the label
  3. Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme (In this theme, anything that you think would be perfect for somone moving into a new house)
  4. Place items in the bottle
  5. Close the bottle by screwing on the cap
  6. Then you will need to create a label
  7. Secure the label with duck tape
  8. Head to the post office
  9. Mail your gift

Water Bottle Craft Content:

Measuring spoons, dish towel, command strips, and a pot holder!

Anyone who has a million things on their mind while moving into a new home, will really appreciate this little gift from you! Super easy and fun to make, any new home owner would love to open this gift up!

What other Water Bottle Craft ideas do you guys have?


Check out all our water bottle crafts on our water bottle craft page. Don’t forget to pin this post for me, please! 🙂

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  1. says

    I have this water bottle and it is my favorite! I don’t know if they have any other colors but mine is pink and I love it. I carry it with my everywhere. No problem, here, drinking water all day. 🙂

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