Walmart Super Savings: $27.61 for $2.61 + bonus coupons!

I make very few trips to Walmart so when I do go there, I try to make the most of the trip.  Today, I was able to snag $27.53 of the following:

  • (1) Old Spice Body Wash (travel size) – $0.97
    $1/1 Old Spice Product, exp. 10/31/11 (P&G 10/02/11) = FREE + $0.03 overage
  • (4) -
    (4) $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Cleaning Starter Kit, exp. 10/22/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2) = FREE + $0.12 overage
  • (2) -
    (2) $2/1 Crest Complete Toothpaste, Scope Dual Blast Rinse, Oral-B Complete Floss, or Oral-B Complete Toothbrush, exp. 12/31/11 (SS 09/11/11 R) = $0.94
  • (6) Tide Detergent (travel size) – $0.97 -
    (2) $2/3 Tide Detergents, exp. 10/31/11  (P&G 10/2) = $1.82All totaled, I spent $2.61!

When I unpacked my bags, I discovered a major bonus in the form of more COUPONS!  Each toilet bowl cleaner package contained two coupons for $3 off a starter kit and another coupon for buy one get one free (BOGO) refills.

The toothpaste was already a deal ($2.47 – $2 coupon = $0.47) because Walmart had packages with “babies” attached.  “Babies” are sample size items which come along with a full-size product.  These particular “babies” contained a sample size Scope mouthwash and Glide dental floss.  The packages also contained over $13 in P&G coupons which don’t expire until July of 2013.

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