Walmart: Are they the low price leader?


Last week a brand new Super Walmart opened in our area. We have been waiting what seems like forever for Walmart to open! For those of you who are not in our local area, we live in a rural county with very few shopping choices. For me, it is a good thirty minute drive to get to Kroger and Harris Teeter and it is even further to Target.

I set out Sunday to explore the new store. It is huge! I really liked the wide isles. Even though there were a ton of people in the store, it didn’t feel over crowded…that was until checkout (but I expected that!).

Several of you have asked me if I think Walmart will be cheaper all around. My initial thought was yes; of course, they are the low price leaders! After my shopping trip I have to say I wasn’t completely won over. Some things were cheaper and some things were more expensive. I am not the only one who noticed as I overheard several people mention higher prices.


Gallon Whole Milk $2.89- I have been paying about $2.55 at Kroger, sometimes even lower. We drink a lot of milk so this adds up.

Apples $1.39-$1.79/lb- Most stores have apples at $1/lb and the local orchard has some for .69¢/lb

Bread prices varied but even the Walmart brand was way over priced in my opinion. Kroger offers their brand at less than $1.

There were more items that I thought were over priced but I forgot to write them down! It has been a long week already (it’s only Tuesday!) and I apologize for not having more examples.

Now, there were some good deals to be had. And I think what we all need to realize is that Walmart is a supermarket just like all the others. Some things will be a good price, other things will be over priced. Yes, Walmart is convenient and it will save gas money. I will shop their occasionally, but I will also continue to shop at my regular stores too. I had a hard time “spending” my good double and triple value coupons at Walmart! I know that if I hang on to some of the .75¢ coupons, they will double and triple to make for free or really inexpensive items. But that is how I shop; I stockpile and I don’t need to shop every week.

Some Good Deals I picked up:

Hormel Masters Chili $2.50, used $2 coupon, made it .50¢

Bananas .39¢/lb

Purdue Oven Roaster Chicken .88¢/lb (great deal, I made 3 meals from this chicken!)

Pull-ups Flushable Wipes travel pack $1.64, used $3/2 coupon, made it .14¢ each

Cream of Chicken or Mushroom Soup .58¢, used $1/4 coupon made it .33¢ each

Walmart will also price match other stores. I would not try this right now as the cashiers are still a little fresh! Mine had a hard time even scanning my coupons. They will get the hang of it though. To price match, bring in the whole ad from the competitors store. The ad must state and actual price- not a percent off.

Opinions? Experiences? Thoughts?



  1. says

    I’ve often said this about Wal-Mart…everybody in our area shops there it seems. I buy some household items and things there OCCASIONALLY, but not often. As far as groceries, the ones in our area are expensive. They are cheaper than the regular prices at the grocery stores, but I never pay regular prices I only buy things on sale and with coupons. Wal-mart doesn’t really have “sales.” The last time I went in there I was looking at the Campbell’s soups because I had a coupon and they wanted $1.60 for one can…I would never pay that much!!!! That’s crazy!

    Sorry to rant so much, but I’m so happy that someone else finally feels the same way about Wal-mart that I do…it seemed like I was the only one!

    • madamedeals says

      Thanks Megan! I was wondering how other people felt. Our new Walmart has been so crowded and the shelves have been cleared. I know that for so many people it is a major convienence due to our location. However, I just wanted to people to realize it is not always the cheapest option!

  2. Sara says

    I live in Gordonsville, so was excited when the Walmart opened as well. I was totally disappointed and reminded why I have not shopped at Walmart in about 10 years! Most items were marked much higher than what I am used to paying at CVS, Harris Teeter and Kroger. I doubt I will shop at the Walmart again. Give me ECB and double and triple coupons anyday!

  3. Maggie M. says

    I was a true believe in Walmart being the low price leader until I really started couponing and now I only go to Walmart less than once a month. I cannot beat the prices I get at Publix, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walgreens. The fact that Publix doubles up to 50 and does b1g1 free is amazing. I always thought Publix was too high now I get groceries for my family of 5 for $50 week. So I now no longer shop at Walmart!

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