Walmart is coming, Walmart is coming……


Well friends, It is already here on our site. The deals are updated weekly. How do you find the deals you need when you want them?

Well click on the store logo on the right side of our site.

Then click on the the week you would like to review.

We have made it even easier. You can print our list. Just click print this post.

All you need now is you Madame Deals Coupon Solution and you are on your way to SPENDING less .

It is not What you SAVE but what YOU SPEND!


  1. Heather says

    Please be sure to go with your Walmart coupon policies printed. I just got back and they gave me a hassle about two catalinas that had Manufacturers Coupon printed at the top even though they had a Kroger and FL logo printed on them. When I pushed the issue (w/o my printed policy handy) they said that they were “going to do it this time….” I said forget it -had hubby and all kids with me. Wasn’t worth it as the items I wanted to use it on were not on sale, but their everyday prices, but were still really good. So, be warned and armed with your info!

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