Walgreens Rolling Rewards Deal 11/20

Do you know about rolling rewards at Walgreens?

Walgreens has several little tricks to rolling rewards.


Rolling rewards at Walgreens requires a bit of planning. Walgreens does not allow you to have more coupons than items in any transaction.  The store rewards, register rewards, counts as a coupon as well as any manufacturer coupons that you have.  So, sometimes you need “filler” items.  The most  lowest regular priced item commonly written about as a filler is the single caramels near the register priced at $.33.  I always check clearance and the ad for anything that is lower than $.33 to use as fillers for my transactions if I am using alot of coupons.

The store rewards can be used on your next purchase and it can be a purchase with rewards as long as it is not by the same company.  So, you will not be rolling rewards if you use a reward from a item then try to purchase the same item again while paying for it with the previous transaction’s (same item) reward.

Rolling rewards can be tricky but extremely beneficial!

Today I had a $3 Register reward I wanted to roll.  My first transaction I used the M&M candy scenario combine with the Neilcleanse wound wash.  I had 3 coupons (including the ad coupon) and one register reward for a total of 4 “coupons” with 5 items.  Paid $3.61 out of pocket, got a $5 register reward

Second transaction rolling rewards I bought the Homeostasis diabetes immune support.  Only had one “coupon” – the $5 register reward from the first transaction and only one item.  Paid $1.41 out of pocket, got a $6 register reward back.

So, when rolling rewards today at Walgreens I spent  $5.02 out of pocket, used a $3 register reward (total used $8.02).  Got $6 register rewards for next week.  So net cost 8.02- 6= 2.02 including tax for $24 value in product!

Use these scenarios to help you get started on rolling rewards or making your own scenarios:  CVS Rolling Rewards 11/17, Walgreens Rolling Rewards 11/17, Rite Aid Rolling Rewards 11/17.  Be ready for the next rolling rewards deal by getting your inserts now at Insert Insanity!

Rolling rewards at Walgreens can be productive and fun.


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