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. This is a word that is used often by myself because sometimes I just can’t believe what people do. I mean really! I thought it would be fun to share our Chutzpah moments. The only rules are no names of stores, people, or events. You may also not use inappropriate language. Leave a comment listing your favorite Chutzpah moment! I mean laughter is the best medicine.


Or khutspe. Nerve, extreme arrogance, brazen presumption. In English, chutzpah often connotes courage or confidence, but among Yiddish speakers, it is not a compliment. For more Yiddish WordsChut

We went away this weekend. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and as usual we received a free breakfast. We had a super time watching the kids eat everything in sight. We received our bill and we had a “credit” since we did not spend the $40 we were given. When we went to leave we left a ten as a tip. When we walked out of the dining room I heard the waiter say I hate when people get free food and do not leave a tip. He wasn’t talking about our family he was talking about the couple next to our table. I think it takes a lot of chutzpah to get a free meal and expect the waiter to serve you for free.

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  1. Tania says

    I use a lot of coupons, restaurant.com gifts certificates, or even kids eat free promotions. I think it takes a lot chutzpah to not tip on what the full amount of your bill should have been without the discounts. I worked in a restaurant in college. People do indeed suck when it comes to tipping, and don’t get me started on carry out, people think it just jumps in the bag with everything you need all nice and neat!

  2. Tina says

    People who pull into handicapped parking in lifted trucks, jump out wearing high heels and sprint into the store.
    Belive me, I know all about “invisible disabilities” and I try to be sensitive, but I live in a town with a high population of seniors and it just fries me to see one of them pushing their walker from the middle of the parking lot in 110 degree weather because all the handicapped spots are taken.

  3. says

    It’s hard to believe people actually eat and don’t leave a tip. I always make sure readers know to tip on the full check amount, when using a certificate or coupon.


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