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You might remember back in July I teamed up with VTech and a couple of Madame Deals readers won VTech V.Readers. VTech just released the Learning Lodge Navigator that allows you to download ebooks to your V.Reader. When you register for the Learning Lodge Navibator you will get credit for six FREE ebooks to download.

How to score this Freebie:

  • First, you must have a V.Reader Animated E-Book System. If you do not have one, they are $59.97 at Amazon and Target. You will also need a SD memory card for the ebook downloads.
  • Download the Learning Lodge Navigator to your computer.
  • Register for a parents account. (It will walk you through this after the download)
  • You will earn 6 V.Coins for registering.
  • Choose the books you want to download and checkout. Each ebook is 1 V.Coin or $4.99. The V.Coins will be applied automatically at checkout.
  • Have your V.Reader hooked up to the computer to download the ebooks!

This is a great freebie if you already have the V.Reader system!


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  1. Tammy says

    This would be great if you could get the Learning Lodge Navigator to work at all, I can’t seem to do that, and this is one of the main reason’s we bought this for our little girl, we thought it was a great deal for her to get 6 free downloadable books along with what book’s we bought her at the time of purchase…wow i am very displeased that they would offer this to get you to buy this product, and come to find out…unless i’m wrong…it’s still a Beta !!! I sure hope that VTech get’s this resolved quickly, and notifys all these parent’s of the changes, so that they can recieve the fair and just offer, that was explained on thier packaging, at the time of purchase !!! And next go around VTech don’t offer such things unless you know you can deliver them right away !!! Very Displeased Parent, South Carolina

    • Melissa says

      I just had the same problem,. but I just shut the vreader off, then turned it back on, then click on the backpack and the downloads are there! Good luck!

  2. amanda says

    I am having the same trouble with the free downloads. I thought it would be good to get the vreader and use the free downloads for the time being. Not the case.. The only thing I have for her now is the free cartridge that came in the box.

  3. nikki says


    I got the navigator to work, AND I downloaded the six free books, but they won’t upload unto the V.Reader. I kept thinking it had to do with the SD card, so I tried a couple of them. I even tried to see if I could put the files directly onto the SD card, but I can’t find the downloaded material on my hard drive. I’m hunting around online trying to find any support, but none yet.

  4. dmitri says

    My daughter got the book for xmas. i went to the website, dl’ed the necessary software and loaded them onto the reader no problem. she loves it! great product. For all that are having problems, read the instructions as you probably did something wrong. You need an sd card to put downloaded content onto the reader. it goes in right by the batteries. As far as not finding on your HD, it will be in the folder you selected for download. more likely than not, the VTEC folder that was created out of default when you installed the software. Really, the item works no problem and if you are having problems you are doing something wrong and need to figure out what you are doing wrong. The instructions should be able to troubleshoot you through.

    • Allison says

      Simply telling people they didn’t follow the instructions is not helpful here at all. If you search the internet, you’ll find that there are a significant number of people having issues with this product. It’s not a matter of failing to follow instructions. As someone who works with computers regularly, my first suspicion was that it was related to Adobe having updated their Flash player to version 11 back in November and VTech not updating their programs accordingly. A quick search of the internet confirmed my suspicions, as a number of people have reported reinstalling version 10 and having success. The fact that things worked well for you may have more to do with what type of computer and/or browser you are using (or perhaps you just don’t keep your Adobe up to date). There are a lot more variables that go into this than simply whether or not people followed the instructions. I’m glad that things went well for you, but that is not the case for many others. Your suggestion to “follow the instructions” correctly is insulting and not helpful in any way to people who have already been through a very stressful process already and probably read the instructions a hundred times over trying to figure out what they did wrong.

      • Missy says

        Allison I just wanted to say thanks. I tried & tried to download this stupid thing without success. I had it downloaded to my pc but wanted on my laptop too. Because of your post I went back & downloaded the older version of adobe & it worked fine. So thanks again for your post.

  5. TJackson says

    We got this for christmas for my daughter, and it is great! I went to the website and followed the directions and got our 6 free downloads, no problema! She loves it. If you are having problems, try starting at the beginning of the instructions…also make sure that when you put the SD card in…you remove the batteries…all is there in the instructions. It is a product well worth the money, and a terrific learning tool.

    • Lynn says

      I agree with the above info, also make sure that it is a plain SD card, and not a HCSD (high capicity SD) That will also make a difference. Good luck!

    • says

      Vtech has sdhc cards listed as tested and compatible. Are you all having any problem with the cards listed? I also found out the sd or sdhc cards have to be formated with fat12, fat16 or fat32.

  6. brenda says

    My computer won’t even recognize the vreader. Has anyone had this problem, and, if so, how did you solve it?

  7. Jamie says

    My husband and I are having the same problems with the v reader software. We have been able to download Learning Lodge to our computer but it won’t complete the set up with the v reader connect. We have updated adode, etc. . .just to be sure but learning lodge still won’t respond. Seems a lot of people online are having the same problems. This is really frustrating! Hope V Tech will correct quickly. . . our computer is fairly new and hasn’t had problems with other applications, Lead Frog, etc. . .

  8. Moss says

    I am a seasoned techie, one that is very familair with computers, software, and as I followed the tiny Manual to setup my new v.Reader for my 5 years old daughter, I can’t help it but wonder how other non IT folks can easily can follow it. The manuel is poorly done, not clear, and unnecessarily complex to follow, with no step by step information of required gadgets specs and setup.

    The v.Reader eBook download center has a nice GUI looks, but navigation is poorly designed (can’t see cart scrolls, thus took me a while to figure out how to view all of my cart items, I had more than six items on cart as example, and the interface with payment (payapl, credit card) is not straight forward either, the checkout does not tell you when the books has been purchased either, so you have to jump from tab to tab to figure out what you have completed, and if they are ready to be downloaded to the vReader…Overall all they have made the process too complicated unnecessarily, and I wonder how non IT people would be able to get it running without some pains….

    Poor e-book download processs, and lack of clarity on type of SD, Memory Size, etc. make it time hard for people that just want it plug-and play.

    STEP by STEP Solution:
    1) Get a 2GB regular SD (non HCSD) Memory Card (Target, Wal-mart, Best Buy, etc.) this is same as camera SD Card (Lexar, Panasonic, etc.)
    2) Plug the blue USB Cable to V.reader and PC, and Power up the vReader. The PC should recognize a device has been connected on one fo the drives (E:, F: or D:) depending on your setup.
    3) Go to http://www.vtechkids.com/download
    4) Select the v.Reader model and download the Learning Lodge Navigator (LLP) software, and Install Flash Player if prompted to do so. Select ‘Run’ once download is completed, to install on your PC.
    5) Now that it’s installed, Run it by going to Start->Programs->VTech folder
    6) This should open the LLP’s Download Center, enter your registration info with child’s name to create an account.
    7) Go to ‘Home’, on the left click on “E.book Download Center”
    8) You can now add the ebooks to the cart, and do checkout. The first six books are free, but you’ll pay for the rest if you added more than six books to the cart.

    I hope that helps, my email is mitrox-At-hotmail-com (replace at with @ and – with .) this is to avoid bot spam), it might take a few days to respond though.

    • Kayla says

      We got this for my son and he loves it. It took me a few days to figure out how to do the free downloads. But once I reread the instructions and it works great. I have only been able to get the learning navigator to upload the progress once (we have had this since Christmas) and every time I try to upload it tells me this: “SOME ITEMS FAILED TO LOAD DUE TO NETWORK CONGESTION. CLICK OK TO CLOSE LEARNING LODGE NAVIGATOR AND TRY AGAIN.” I have been getting this since Christmas. Even tried to uninstall the learning navigator and reinstalling it to see if that would help and it has not. one of the main reasons we purchased this and 6 books plus the 6 free downloadable books was because we could track his progress and see what he was learning and so far we can’t track anything because it will not upload the data. It says the vreader is connected to the learning navigator but will not upload the data to the navigator. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? I’m getting very aggravated.

      • Paul says

        We have the same problem, but get this. We have 2 V.Readers, one for my son, and one for my daughter. My son’s works fine, my daughters gives the “Network Congestion” issue. Both worked for a while, but now her’s has the error. VTech tech support ( after 45 minutes on hold each time ) comes up with a different excuse. The latest one claiming we have one US and one Canadian model, so we need to use the canadian version (which of course did not work either) for hers. My guess is their tech support is outsourced to some script-readers somewhere else on the planet. I hope they solve this soon, if the VTech people (not the script-readers) actually know they have a problem and how to solve it.

        • Kayla says

          They sent me an email and told me to uninstall the learning lodge and redownload the new version. and it took me about 10-15 emails after calling 3 times and being put on hold for an hour each call and no answer. I hope this helps. It seems to have solved the problem with my sons.

    • Rich says

      Thanks alot! I spent a couple days trying to get the interactive V.reader to be recognized by the Learning Lodge, and your instructions helped immensely. I will make a suggested edit though. The flash player version that you need is the one for “other browsers”. I had updated the player for both windows explorer and firefox, but it wasn’t until I found in a faq that you needed the third version. After installing the right player, rebooting the pc, and then proceding with your instructions, everything worked great!

  9. Jennifer says

    Thank you Moss!! I have been trying to find out which SD card to buy, didn’t want way too big, but wasn’t sure what size would hold the downloaded items. Also didin’t want fifteen different cards for this vreader. Will try to download, wish me luck

  10. bradley says

    Everything downloaded correctly, registered fine, but i don’t seem to have 6 coins in my basket, how can i receive my “free” coins?

    • bradley says

      I answering my own question as i just figured it out. After setup, rather than clicking at top of screen on “download center”, click on your childs name and go to your childs home. Then from there click on th download center on the right, and it will register and add your 6 coins to your cart.

    • Michelle Sedberry says

      Registering on the VTech website won’t give you the coins. You have to register on the Learning Lodge site and the coins will go into your account.

  11. Tiffany says

    Having trouble with the SD card… anyone have any solutions? I am trying to use a 512 MB SD card, and it doesn’t even acknowledge that it’s there. It just sends out the pop up message saying “SD memory is needed for e-book transfer” :(

  12. Tai says

    Having problem finishing set up on Vreader. Have installed learning lodge but everytime I click on the set up icon it tells me that device was not found turn device on and try again. Does any one know how to fix this problem??? Have done everything that the help tells me to do and have already unistalled the program and installed it again. Had no problem installing Mobigo and that runs off Learning Lodge.

  13. teri says

    I have installed the software and successfully downloaded one free book…. the princess and the pea.

    Is there supposed to be animation with this book… if so, it didn’t come through. Ideas? Thoughts? Comments?


    • Michelle Sedberry says

      I have the same problem. I downloaded the 6 free books and all six have a different problem. Some freeze on a blue screen, some freeze on a white screen, one plays the words with no pictures, and the other goes half way through and then freezes. I have removed them and re-transferred them with no success. This is very frustrating.

  14. Brittany says

    I read that you can add music and movies to the v reader by clicking the file manager tab, but I cant find it in the Learning Lodge… can someone please help me?

    • Cory says

      Im having the same grief, have you figured it out yet? I’ve downloaded the Learning Lodge fine but don’t have the “file manager” option!!!!

  15. Yessenia says

    I have downloaded the Learning Lodge, installed adobe when prompted and then when I try to open Learning Lodge it tells me I need to update Adobe again, I did, and it still giving me the same message when I try to run the program. I still haven’t been able to use it yet. What can I do? Please help me!!

  16. Brian says

    for those having trouble with SD card for V.Readers just format the card and open it and create two folders (picture and the one video) and put it in your V Reader and that it you can now transfer your books, pictures etc..

  17. Brian says

    for those having trouble with SD card for V.Readers just format the card and open it and create two folders (picture and the other one video) on the SD card and put the SD card in your V Reader and that’s it you can now transfer your books, pictures etc..

  18. Logan's Maw says

    How do you access the art studio? There are 2 examples shown on the inside of the big flap of the box it came in. If there is something you have to purchase separately it should have been stated on the box. I have a kindle fire and he likes the painting and puzzles so much I hardly get to use myself.

  19. Just me says

    I just bought this ereader for my daughter and it took em a few mins to get it to finally accept a sd card after I had to format it on my pc..sheesh..when I formatted it using the Fat system it worked. But I dont understand why it is that I cannot transfer and video? Its doesnt even recognize that there is video. Even though I know its there…..If it the format I have the video in? Can someone please help? thanks:)

  20. says

    I have two vreaders. I just updated them both as recommended by the learning lodge navigator. Now when i turn them on the first screen appears that says “VReader Interactive E-Reading System” after that the colorful loading circle appears. Then me screen goes blank. Can someone help me fix this problem?

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