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Coupons are like money; at least that is how Amee and I view them. If you have attended one of our coupon workshops, I am sure you will remember Amee’s story of her infant daughter “eating” her coupons while shopping. All Amee could think was “She is eating money!”

Today for Money Making Monday, I want to tell you about a progam that offers great coupons, Vocalpoint. If you qualify to become a member of Vocalpoint, you will periodically get coupons and samples in the mail. I recently got the Bounce Dryer Bar coupons in the mail and a coupon for a FREE box of Rice Krispies! I used two of the Bounce coupons for my CVS purchase I posted about today. You will also receive informational e-mails and occasionally printable coupons.

The coupons Vocalpoint sends out are usually higher value coupons. Why? Because they want you to try the product and then spread the word to your friends and family. They also provide you with extra coupons to distribute. Word of Mouth marketing is one of the best ways that companies can get people to try new products.

Vocalpoint also offers informational articles, recipes, message boards and surveys to participate in (not required). If you are not yet a member of Vocalpoint, I urge you to see if you qualify to become a member.To learn more about Vocalpoint go HERE. It is always so exciting to get that package in the mail with freebies and great coupons!

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