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What if you had a virtual personal assistant what would you ask them to do? How would you use them. I can tell you how I am using mine and why it is an expense that makes dollar$ out of change. You see I believe time is money. I sat down this morning and I wrote out my to do list. I realized I have more to do then arms to do it with. I have three kids and I have two businesses. I am always working on something or doing laundry.

This is what I asking them to find out…

1) My friend is going to have a baby very, very, very soon. I want to know the quickest way to the hospital. I also want to know what I do when I get there.

I mean I have only been on the delivery end of things. I haven’t been the one to actually deliver the person having the baby to the hospital. The last time I went I was giving birth and I can tell you I had no idea what happens if you aren’t on bed rest and you are actually in labor! I am so excited to have my request answered.


Time dog

This is how I made the request I downloaded the app from the apple store. Then I pushed voice request because I am tired of typing. I hit submit request and voila done!


2) I need new brakes I want to know where I can get them and what their policy is on a loaner car.

I made this request also through the iphone app because I was sitting in my car waiting for my child. I did a send request. I typed in the year make and model of the car and my zip code and range that I would be willing to drive.

I mean why should I put the brakes on my life to get the answers I let time dog do it for me! Woof!

WHOA this will save me about 3 hours!! One hour of my time is less than this service for the month.

Are you in? The best part is for every subscription I sell I can give one to a family with special needs. I need your help getting this service out. If we can find people who need it we can help people in need!

TRY it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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