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Have you ever had a day that would sum up the rest of your life? You know the kind of day that would be a new start to a dream you have always had. I have and it happened in Virginia Beach. The moment I fell in love with Virginia Beach was May 20, 1999. The weather was dreary and we planned on a night on the town. I was under the impression that we were going to dinner and then out. There is a lot to do in Virginia Beach so I wasn’t sure what my boyfriend had in mind.

We pulled up to a five-star  french restaurant complete with white linens, fine wine, and lobster. It is so easy to find the perfect meal in the perfect location. I was under the impression this meal was to make up for the gift I received for my birthday a week prior. We had dinner and my boyfriend kept smiling at me and making small talk. I assumed he was nervous because this meal wasn’t cheap and he was an ensign in the Navy. We had a bottle of wine and dessert. When we left I noticed he placed the cork in his pocket. I wasn’t sure why. I thought perhaps he recycled.

If your boyfriend needs some help picking a restaurant or you need a break  from cooking and delicious meals are what you’re looking for, coastal Virginia is a foodie’s paradise, with a diverse culinary landscape to rival the area’s natural beauty. Let Coastal Food Tours of Virginia guide you from the chef’s table and shoreline to a place of total satisfaction through a back-to-basics approach that combines farm and ocean, and food and spirits, while promising the chance to become part of the process of creating delicious coastal cuisine. This is a great activities and the food is incredible.

We often went to the board walk when we met up in Virginia Beach. They have a wonderful row of bars, dance clubs, and an arcade. I am very competitive and I was able to beat him at Pac-Man. It is a place for everyone. We would grab ice cream hold hands and walk the beach. We met in Virginia Beach since he was stationed in Rhode Island and I lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We both attended college together but since we were not engaged I pursued my career and so did he. I wouldn’t move to Rhode Island or anywhere  a ring. He soon realized how much he missed me and would drive down each weekend. It was easier to meet in Virgina Beach so we often did.

After dinner we decided we would go play arcade games by the beach. It was cold and raining. He gave me his jacket and an umbrella and  we decided to go for a walk.  We walked towards the second lifeguard station and he told me there was something I needed to see. It was dark and cold and wet and the only thing I wanted to see was chocolate cake and a hot chocolate. He then took a couple of steps and grabbed my hand and asked if I would consider marrying him. It all made sense you see because when we normally went to Virginia Beach we would go to the local seafood restaurants because they were so great and reasonable. I guess I should have realized he was taking me to my favorite kind of restaurant because he wanted the night to be my moment of love and all about my favorites.

Virginia Beach is a place of fond memories for me. We got engaged there. I bought my Vera Wang Wedding Dress at a huge discount at a cute little boutique. I spent several amazing weekend there with my husband before and after we were married.

  We have since camped there with our children. It was the first time I had ever camped it was a wonderful experience complete with a bus to take us to the beach. The KOA camp grounds were amazing the cost was very reasonable. There were an abundance of activities for the children in Virginia Beach with a variety of attractions like the Virginia Aquarium and First Landing State Park and a mix of coastal experiences like Beach Street USA and Grommet Island Park. There’s always plenty to do and see, sandcastles to be built, and a whole coast of excitement waiting to be explored! There is so much to do that this has become our yearly vacation spot.

When you plan a vacation as special as this one you should start early. You should also use all the easy to access resources Virginia Beach Resources and here are theresources for the amazing opportunities for children. If you are on facebook or @VaBeachCVB I would suggest interacting with people who are also planning trips or have been on trips in the area. I can’t say enough about my love for Virginia Beach. It holds a special place in our home and our hearts. It is a place where memories are made for the hours, the day, and some even last a lifetime.

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