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I am fashionable girl that loves to have fun. I enjoy Vera Bradley because they make fun and functional items that put a smile on your face. I instantly fell in love with the Chain Handbag, Snappy Wallet, and Hatbox cosmetic case that was provided to me to review. It is easy to do. The pattern in fanciful and the colors are enchanting. I loved the versatility of the bag. I normally change my purse everyday and I haven’t changed my purse since I received this new one. I just pick out clothes to match it. I love the new Floral Nightingale pattern and I think you will as well. I would like to offer one of you the opportunity to own the Hatbox Cosmetic Case retail value of $46. I know it will make you smile daily!

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  1. Shannon says

    I don’t wear/carry much makeup for a cosmetic case, but I am sure it can double for other uses! Very cute! Thanks for the entries :)

  2. rajee says

    I saw elmo wipes,cards and many things in ur purse Just want to let you know that facebooks are not showing up and so you can email me to like them

  3. Evelyn McGoldrick says

    You have a lipstick in your bag. No girl would be without a lipstick that carries a colorful Vera Bradley bag…. Vera is for pick me up and take me out gals so I say LIPSTICK.

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