Valentines Day Heart Holder

Valentines Day

Create a special Valentines Day crafts with your kids!

What you need: 2 sheets of Pink, Red or White Construction paper or cardstock. Pink, Red or White Yarn or ribbon (any will do). Scissors, glue, hole puncher, and valentine’s decoration items.


a. First take a sheet of construction paper whichever color you want the heart to be. Fold in half short length and again fold short length cut out a half heart to when you unfold it will be two hearts.

b. When the hearts are lined up punch holes along the long sides of the heart. You will want to do at least 7 (make sure you have an odd number). Be sure to go up by the sides of the humps of the heart.

c. Take the ribbon or yarn and tie a knot starting on one side of the heart make sure the knot does not slip thru.

d. Weave the ribbon or yarn in and out of the holes and tie a knot at the end. You should have ended on the side you began.

e. Take a second sheet of paper and cut a strip long ways about an inch width to the length of the paper 11 inches. Take this strip of paper and attach with glue to the inside of the heart pieces making it a handle. You can use a stapler to attach them and you wouldn’t have to wait for them to dry! You could also just use the ribbon for the handle as well making it much easier for the kids!

f. Decorate using Valentine’s color decorations such as foam sticky hearts, rhinestones, and any other items you may have.

Thanks to Mom’s Saving Money for this Valentines Day crafts!

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  1. rachel says

    This is a great size to put shampoo, lotion etc samples in —then hang on a doorknob to surprise someone! I plan to have my class make some to put on nursing home room doors!

  2. Candy storm says

    This is too cute. It’s simple enough for a kid, plus they can use it to stick lil candies or favors in to handout in place of valentine cards. It’s also something that the person receiving it could reuse as a cute lil hang up decoration or stick something in it themselves. Love these…crafts are a lot of fun and allow kids to use their imaginations, plus it helps with fine motor skills.

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