Valentine’s Day Drink

Valentine's Day Drink

Valentine’s Day Drink


I created this quick and easy  Valentine’s Day Drink for kids or the kid in you. I know this isn’t a hard recipe and really it isn’t all that clever but it is one that my children really enjoyed. I figured since my kids enjoyed it so much that we would have it at our valentine’s day tea. We would instead of hot Valentine’s strawberry milk. It got me think this could be the perfect potion on days when you are tired of hot chocolate.

The recipe is beyond easy and it is inexpensive which is my moto. I like to make things that are cheap, fast, easy, and yummy. I also like to create things that make memories. I sure my little Valentines will remember this treat.

Valentine’s Day Drink


Strawberry powder or syrup (I am sure you can make your own but I am not a pinterest mom)

Fresh Strawberries for a garnish

You can also add whip cream

You simply heat the milk on the stove top and add in the desired amount of strawberry flavoring

The kids loved this Valentine’s Day Drink so much that they ask for it all the time. We served ours with this amazing easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe. You can check out more of my Valentine Recipes for Kids and other Valentine’s Day Drink  and a great all purpose punch ideas. I believe that creating traditions and memories with your family is far more important than what you can buy them. You can’t put a price on the moments in your life so sit down and have a cup of hot strawberry milk and enjoy all that life has brought you.

What kind of drinks do you serve on Valentine’s Day?




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  1. Jen Carr says

    Great idea! My daughter will love the strawberry valentines drink, and my husband can benefit from having strawberries and whip cream in the house!

  2. Diana C says

    OH, this looks fabulous. The hubby loves strawberries and so do I. But I’m not sure I can get him to drink something pink. 😉

    Going to pin this for later.

  3. Stacy Ferrell says

    Great idea. It reminds me of an alcoholic drink I had a long time ago that tasted like strawberry milk. It was called Tequila Rose.

  4. Debbie Welchert says

    We don’t have a special Valentine’s Day drink. But this one sounds pretty good to me. I love that we can have it hot or cold.

  5. Carly says

    I love strawberry milk and haven’t had it in ages since i’m lactose intolerant. I’m going to pick up some strawberry syrup and add it to my soy milk! Thanks for the inspiration =]

  6. Melisa Hennings says

    i have never served valentines day drinks..what a cute idea! i am so trying these! thanks so much for the ideas

  7. KELLY MCGREW says

    hmm i’m not sure my boyfriend and i will like this drink but it sparks my mind to think of some type of drink! to go alongside the meal or dessert!

  8. Mary Fagans says

    This is a super cute drink. I think I will have to try it before Valentine’s Day, the cup you have it in is beautiful!!

  9. melisa says

    We usually don’t do anything extra special concerning drinks, except that I serve a special coffee because it is my husband’s absolute favorite drink ever. I try to find some his favorite beans, like Kona.

  10. M.Clark says

    Yes, this is a very easy drink to make, and it’s great for days when you are tired of hot chocolate (which might be never for me). Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  11. Cathy Jarolin says

    We usually have Hot Chocolate with little Heart Shaped Marshmallows on top. it would be nice to have the Ho strawberry too with the white marshmallows too on top!!What a nice combination!!

  12. Janette Polivka says

    Hey, I like that motto!! You always have such great ideas! This is a nice, different twist to the original hot chocolate and it probably makes the kids feel more “grown up” Great idea, can’t wait to try! Thank you for sharing!

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