Valentine’s Day Cookies


Valentine’s Day Cookies were the perfect accompaniment to my daughter’s Valentine’s themed Birthday Party The party was a success and the Baked Brie was a hit. It made it to my personal archive of things I will make again. My house was full of laughter, fun, and yummy treats. No one left hungry and everyone left happy.That is what makes a perfect Valentine’s Day Party.

Parties aren’t fun without cookies and I will admit as much as I like homemade cookies it just isn’t in my schedule. I love buying the Store Brand refrigerated cookie dough and baking up delicious treats with a twist.

This time I made Valentine’s Day Cookies with sugar cookie dough, chocolate frosting, and red/white sparkling sugar sprinkles. The best part was I saved because I used ingredients I already had at home. The only thing I bought was the sugar cookie dough. By purchasing the Store Brand I saved even more.

valentines day cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies

The cookies combine my favorite sugar cookies with chocolate.

You need 1 roll of Store Brand Sugar Cookie Dough

1 container of Frosting (use leftover frosting if you have it)

Sparkling Sugar Sprinkles or cake sprinkles

  1. Bake your Store Brand Sugar Cookie Dough according to package directions.
  2. Microwave cake frosting in 20 second intervals until it is smooth enough to dip cookies into.
  3. Dip cookies into frosting. Get creative you can cover them all the way or only half. (If you are using leftover frosting and it isn’t deep enough to dip then take a spoon and carefully coat the cookie)
  4. Make sure the frosting isn’t dripping and then sprinkle with sparkling sugar sprinkles. (Do this over a bowl so you can reuse the sprinkles that don’t stick.
  5. Let chocolate and sprinkles set on cookies.
  6. Serve and eat


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  1. I also buy as much as possible from Dollar Tree, when planning a party.
    When I can, I have guests bring food or drinks.
    I save decorations for themed parties in storage containers for future use.
    I don’t do children’s parties right now.
    I might in the future, as my first granddaughter will be 1 in May!

  2. We always buy store brand, or use coupons on BOGO name brands. I am a planner, and will scout out the best deals on the items needed before I leave the house.

  3. We always buy store brand, or use coupons on BOGO name brands. I am a planner, and will scout out the best deals on the items needed before I leave the house.!

  4. those cookies sound yummy! I’m on a decorating bookshelf and depending on the age of the Midwest not just bake cookies and let them decorate??? or make cookies with kids and give recipe to kids to take home.

  5. , I will use your cookie dough sugar cookies. I have one now and frosting. Will get my 4yr old grandson to help. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. This is just as the playdoh maybe even better, he couldn’t talk like a ???? with his mouth full! Just kidding!

    I love this idea!
    PS We will use white frosting and some red food coloring as his sister loves pink!!!

    Thank You Again