Valentines Day Butterfly Pop

Check out this easy Valentines Day gift idea for kids!


What you need: Pink, Red or White Construction paper or cardstock. Dum Dum or Lollypops, scissor, items to decorate like glue glitter, foam sticky hearts.


a. Fold paper in half and again in half. You should see 4 parts. Cut apart and use 2 at a time. Take these 2 pieces lined up and fold again in half. Cut in the shape of two heart tops (butterfly shaped).

b. Take one butterfly shaped piece fold on the existent crease and cut two slits about 1 inch apart.

c. Place the Dum Dum or Lollypop through the slits.

d. Now to decorate. Use your imagination.

e. These are so easy and kids love decorating them.

f. For added fun attach magnet strips to the bottom. Use the sticky back magnets they hold great on construction and cardstock. You can glue for added support. Place on the Refrigerator!

Thanks to Mom’s Saving Money for this Valentines Day crafts!

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