Valentines Day Bouquet of Flowers

Valentines Day


What you need: White paper cups, confetti, tissue paper, floral twine, skewers, scotch tape, floral foam, glue gun, Elmer’s glue, and Easter shiny grass.


a. Take Elmer’s Glue and spread it all over the white paper cup. Drop the confetti covering the cup until all glue is covered. Let it sit to dry.

b. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the cup. Use the glue gun to place glue at the bottom of the cup and glue in the floral foam.

c. Take the tissue paper (for flowers). Cut into 4 x 6 inch sheets. Take 9 sheets lined on top of each other and fold like an accordion. Make sure to have an odd number of sheets to make it look correctly.

d. Use the floral twine to wrap around the accordion tissue paper in the center.

e. Slowly spread and pull the tissue paper apart and upward making a carnation looking flower.

f. Attach Carnation using tape to the skewer.

g. Take a handful of Easter shinny grass and place in the paper cup on top of the floral foam.

h. Place Carnation inside the cup. Place at least 3 in the cup to make it look pleasing to the eye and so it won’t tip over. Make sure to adjust the height so all flowers are not the same height.

i. Great for table decorations or to give for a window decoration. A little messy but fun.

Thanks to Mom’s Saving Money for this Valentines Day crafts!

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