Valentine Recipes For Kids


valentine Recipes for Kids

Valentine Recipes For Kids

I have three children and I thought about how I could create Valentine Recipes For Kids. I am a teacher by trade and a mom by choice and a cook because you have to feed your children. I found out very early on that taking them out to eat was not as much fun as one would think and it isn’t frugal. I decided I would do my best to involve my children in the kitchen as often as possible. It is with their imagination,   love, and sense of adventure that week seek to remake the original versions of our favorite treats for less money than you think. I believe the value is the experience and not on how much you spent to create one.

Valentine Recipes For Kids

These recipes need to be simple. They need to have a limited amount of preparation time, shopping time, and allow for flexibility. I rarely have anything I plan actually happen the way I plan it to do so. The recipes have to be forgiving in case your children aren’t able to read the measuring cup or inadvertently pour something when you are picking up the last thing they spilled. This experience needs to be about making the memory as much as it is about the final product. I will say the only item that looks like the picture is my example. I allow my children to build their treat however they see fit. our Valentine Recipes For Kids are amazing to make and taste.

This easy to make Cheap Fondue will please everyone. It is yummy!

You can also try our Strawberry Short Cake

Or how about chocolate dipped pretzels! I mean the salt and the sweet is amazing.

If that wasn’t enough try this quick and easy Valentine’s day drink Pink Milk.

You will need something to dip in your milk and may I suggest Valentine Day Cookies.

If you want to have a special day with your children check out our Tips for  5 Tips for Valentine ideas for Children.




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  1. I love to read about new ideas to try with our children. I was a preschool teacher for over 25 years and it’s difficult to quit searching for new recipes 🙂 The kids love it so much and are learning more lessons than we can even imagine…social skills, academic skills, language skills, just to name a few. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thank you for all the ideas! I have three kiddos and also care for another throughout the week. I was looking for cute ideas for Valentine’s day – perfecto!

  3. as a preschool teacher we often make valentine day cookies for our classroom party. I will be trying this recipe as it is sounding very delicious plus easier than the recipe that I currently use. thanks

  4. I agree. Children need to learn to cook and as long as the mommy or grandma have patience and turn it into fun they will have fun while learning. I taught my kids and grandkids how to cook.

    • the ipad mini would be for me to use in the kitchen to pull up my recipes and for my son to get all the little apps and games he plays on my phone, so he wont drain my phone battery! 🙂

  5. I love letting my two year old cook. He only stays interested for like ten minutes but he definitely likes to make me mess to clean in that time hehe

  6. My daughter loves baking with me ,I think that spending some time in the kitchen with her making cookies sound like a nice Valentine ‘s day treat .

  7. I so Havre to try these ideas this year especially when I need a pressie for met partner and it makes it more so coming from our kids to 🙂

    • The iPad mini would be for my family to share and use to follow these recipes and save paper lol and then we can take picks and share them with your wonderful Facebook page

  8. Oh I have to make chocolate dipped pretzels, my daughter and I love them, now we can make them together as we celebrate Valentine’s day

  9. Valentine’s Day is so very special to kids and I think your ideas are great. I had never thought about the pink milk and I am going to do this for my grandkids since they will be out of school and staying at my house. I am also making the chocolate dipped pretzels. Thanks for the tips and recipes.

  10. I love these ideas (especially the fondue) but my favorite valentines ‘recipe’ was always hand making my valentines cards with my mama and my sister. We would use dollies, loads of glitter and pink and red construction paper. We’d get really in to cutting out shapes.

  11. I’m gonna make the Valentine’s Day Drink for dd on Vday! I know she’ll love it! BTW the link for the chocolate dipped pretzels is coming up page not found! I’d love to pin that one too!

  12. I love to make lots of cupcakes and have my 4 kiddos decorate them and then they go and deliver them to family and friends. They like to eat the decorated hearts pane sprinkle cupcakes with pink milk too!

    I love to spend time with my kids. They grow up so fast. 🙁

    So enjoy every minute you can with them.

  13. Teaching kids simple recipes and having them follow a recipe, measure ingredients, and creating a sweet treat is a wonderful and fun learning opportunity to learn so many skills! Sugar cookie dough cut out with a heart cookie cutter, baked and then decorated with colored butter cream icing is fun and yummy! My son will be 20 soon and he still loves baking time!

  14. Another idea I have seen on Pinterest – Heart shaped (or just any shape) rice krispie treats with part dipped into melted candy coating (or chocolate) and with sprinkles. Very cute – and not SUPER messy since the treat is only partially dipped.

  15. Cant wait to try some of these..ive got 4a kids that love to help in the kitchen but def runnin out of ideas..thanks a million!!

  16. We love to do projects in the kitchen with the kids. Decorating cookies is always fun, especially those left out for Santa. We also like to make rice krispy treats which are fun to mold into shapes.

    It is a great bonding exercise and great for motor skills.

  17. I would gift it to my daughter and grandson. Did the pink milk with my daughter when she was around 4 i think and still today with my son 30 and daughter 26 we do the cookies together.

  18. These are some great recipes. My daughter loves baking with me so we’ll definitely be making some of these! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  19. I enjoy cooking with all of my kids and I know they enjoy it so much. We love to make special treats and definitely love to experiment with new ideas to any recipe. Thank you.

  20. they’re so cute!! I love to cook and bake and I enjoy teaching my children as well. I love that they’ll know how to make great things, even if I’m not right there to help 🙂

  21. I love how you express yourself regarding kids in the kitchen. Lucky me as i can start with my 6 year old who is gonna love baking as much as i do… She has always enjoyed baking a simple cake or cookies but to make things easy this valentines day , we will be making cupcakes to take to her class … I love your recipes and very cute pictures of your kids… Have a nice Valentines Day…

  22. The absolute BEST childhood memories are made in the kitchen! I love the ideas you’ve shared here and will definitely try these! Thanks for the great tips!

  23. My little guys just LOVE to bake with Mommy! <3 I'm super excited about the Valentines treat we'll be making together this weekend! My name for them is Strawberry Cloud Cookies! They are deee-liciousss and simple to make = über kid friendly!
    Here's what you need:
    One box of strawberry cake mix (any brand will do)
    One large egg
    One 8oz container of Cool-Whip!

    Whip all 3 ingredients together until they're, well, really whipped! 😉 Bake at the lowest setting on the package instructions and check often, also the shortest amount of time. You can shape these as hearts or just drop them in spoonfuls onto the cookie sheet! Either way, you're guaranteed to be hooked! 🙂
    Happy Valentines Day Mama Deals!

  24. These are great for kids and for adults who want to whip up something really quickly. The chocolate covered pretzels are the favorite in my house.

  25. I made banana bread with our 2 year-old. It was definitely more difficult involving my little one rather than making it myself because she wanted to do everything. It was WAY messier but we both had fun and it came out delicious! I bet she’d love something as simple as chocolate dipped pretzel rods and rolling them in rainbow sprinkles.

  26. I am greatly looking forward to making these special treats with my daughter. The best part about it will be spending time with her.

  27. i saw some valentine whoppie cakes, heart shaped chocolate cookies with cream in between…guess i will have to make some v day treats for my 3 4 legged girls.

  28. Those are great ideas i was planning on chocolate dipped pretzels to make this week maybe some pretty valentine sprinkles 🙂

  29. Some of the best times with the little ones are the times like these, sharing in the kitchen, watching their faces light up as they see what they’re creating or watching them lick their fingers and giggling. The chocolate covered pretzels are a lot of fun, especially when you have a few different options for sprinkling onto them. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  30. Some of the best times with the little ones are the times like these, sharing in the kitchen, watching their faces light up as they see what they’re creating or watching them lick their fingers and giggling. The chocolate covered pretzels are a lot of fun, especially when you have a few different options for sprinkling onto them. Thanks for sharing these ideas!