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Shopping with GUSH makes Giftcards go further

I am always in search of a Great Deal and always end up with a stack of Giftcards from doing surveys, polls, and Swagbucks Online.

Finding the GUSH App has made deal finding easier and the best part is I can do it from my phone or tablet. I know longer have to be connected to my laptop to shop the best deals. Plus with giftcards waiting to be spent, I am all ready to shop.

Today I went deal shopping for Crocs. My mom has neuropathy and the only shoes she can stand wearing alot of the time are Crocs.  I know they may not be fashionable but they are practical. They save her feet from pain so I am going to let the fashion Faux Passe slide .

When I opened the Gush App I went to Coupon & Savings and searched for Crocs and up popped these deals.


When you tap on the coupon it saves the code to your  Clipboard. Tapping on the Scissor Icon gives you the choice to Save for Later or Use Now. Selecting Use Now takes you right to the site (in this case Crocs) and you can start shopping. When you get to checkout and need to enter a discount code just paste the code from your clipboard.


Pay with your Giftcard you are using and you have not only saved time but money.

GUSH is available for  iPad/iPhone and Android Users

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