Upromise eCoupons Now Available for Rite Aid & Other Stores

Upromise.com Scholarship Give Away

Upromise offers a way to save money for college. There are several ways to save money for college by using Upromise and one easy way is using their eCoupons. Basically the coupon does not give you money off your order but puts the coupon amount into a savings account for college.

Upromise loads the eCoupons to your shoppers card. Many of the grocery stores and CVS have worked with Upromise for awhile now. Rite Aid was recently added since they have the new Wellness+ card.

How to load eCoupons:

  • Register with Upromise (It’s free!) or Login to your account
  • Click on My Account
  • Under “Profile” on the left side of the page click on “Add Grocery Cards”
  • Enter your zipcode to find participating stores near you. Since I live 25 miles from where I shop, I entered the zipcode of my shopping location.
  • Enter your store savings card number and submit.
  • At the top of the page you will see “Coupons & Deals”.
  • Under that tab you will see “Gorcery eCoupons”.┬áSelect┬áthe coupons you want and then activate the coupons.
  • Next time you shop and buy those products, scan your shoppers card and the coupon will be credited to your Upromise account!

This is an easy way to save extra money for college. Since this is not a true coupon, you can still use other coupons on your order!


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