Update: What Do You Call Easy Money?

As I told you in my earlier post, I’ll admit to anyone that I’m all about saving money.  Many of the things I do to save a few dollars take very little time.   The bottom line is “every dollar I save is a dollar I don’t spend.

Guess what was in my mailbox today?

A $10 gas gift card which I requested just a month ago!

Since that request, I’ve collected another four loyalty cards toward the required five needed to request ANOTHER $10 gas card.  I have to stop for gas today and will use the $10 card I just received toward the 8 gallons needed to obtain the fifth card.  Later, I’ll log onto the reward site, enter the codes from the cards, and await receipt of my next reward.

How simple is that?  A few minutes of time earns $10 in FREE gas!

Be sure to check out the Madame Deals’ rebate calendar for a complete list of rebates available.

What do you call easy money?  How much is your time worth?


  1. diana B says

    I’m so excited because I just requested my second $10 gift card, although I haven’t yet received the first. It’s so much fun!

    • Madame Deals says

      I just requested my second card today. It was fun to buy gas yesterday using my first $10 gift card, paying the balance due in cash, AND receiving another entry card. There’s nothing like easy money!

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