United Airlines: Where is my Plane

United Airlines

Dear United Airlines-

I would love to talk to someone however your option is to submit a form. I am sure your form isn’t long enough to contain my disappointment with the lack of service I received. Let me start from the beginning. I scheduled a trip months ago. It is my birthday trip mixed with work. I was asked to review a resort. The job I have is one of a blogger as you can see and it is my job to report on my life and my experiences thus the reason for this post. I normally have the opportunity to report on the exceptional customer service I receive in fact I normally do not report on poor customer service I was so appalled by United Airlines lack of concern for its passengers that I feel it is my duty to tell my readers about my experience.

I booked a trip from my home town to Dulles then I was going to Denver and on to Albuquerque,  Confirmation DGQC6J. That was until my trip to Albuquerque was cancelled several hours after my arrival in denver at 11:36. It was cancelled about 30 minutes before I was scheduled to get on it . I walked over to the counter very concerned since I was schedule to review dinner and the resort this evening for my job. That was now highly unlikely. These were my choices

1) Come back tomorrow at 11:00 am

2) Fly to Santa Fe which is 60 miles from my original destination and involves leaving at 7:40 pm and arriving at 8:51 PM thus meaning I couldn’t do the job I was schedule to do. This was indeed my only option because I had to get to New Mexico in the evening because I had to work the next morning. What I didn’t know was there was another flight to Albuquerque, that I was not offered.

I sat at the airport from 11:36- until 7:00 because my Sante Fe Flight UA5937 was also cancelled at the last minute. I walked again to the counter and the agent who could use some customer service skills gave me these “options” I use the word loosely because they were not options.

1) I could go on stand by for a flight that was full the next morning.

2) I could fly back home tonight on them… Yes that makes a lot of sense schedule a business trip and then go home before getting there. Brilliant idea.

3) I could fly to Texas and then stay in a hotel and fly out the next morning at 11:35.. So this would be an option to someone who was an idiot. Do you think after you cancelled two of my flights in the same day that I would want to trust you to get me to my final destination which wasn’t my original destination of Albuquerque.

My total travel time was almost 13 hours if everything went right. It went far from right it became the worst trip I have experienced in fact it was the worst trip that my husband who travels for a living has heard of. was then cancelled. You read right I had two flights cancelled in the same day.

This is what happened at the counter I met two strangers and we decided the only way we were going to get to our destination was to get a rental car. I have no idea who these gals were. I had no idea how far away we were. I had no idea  about anything except I had a job to do and that your flight crew didn’t show up twice.

I asked to be flown on another carrier. The answer was no. I asked to be driven to my final destination the answer was email this address. Then I tried to call only to be told your customer service department closes at 4pm. Brilliant because I am positive that people do not have problems after 4 pm.

The saga continues lets see how United resolves my issues…




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  1. says

    Wowza!!! Can’t say that I’m going to be choosing United anytime in the future. I’m nervous enough traveling but to wonder if my flight will be cancelled 30 min before departure on one of my connecting flights?? No thank you!!! I’m glad you’re blogging about this. They need to fix this for you and everyone else!

  2. says

    I cannot believe their customer service skill are so lacking. That is one thing that should always be a #1 priority with companies that have people on the front line. The fact that they had no other “options” is inexcusable. They defintely need to make this right for everyone who was scheduled on these flights.

  3. Kimberly says

    Granted, you encountered numerous problems. However, as I point out to many of my clients when they have issues getting to their goal, what did you not know about flights getting cancelled and the possibility of your flight not going smoothly? You mention that your husband flies for a living. He would certainly know this.

    It could have been a possibility that you get a hold of the person who was your contact for your assignment in Albuquerque.

    Your article is ladened with emotion, and very understandable. However, I wonder if your exasperation came through with your conversations with the airline’s employees. They did offer you what they had available, even if it was rather unreasonable. Maybe there was lack of empathy on both parties.

  4. Shauna says

    Wow… seems United is not the way to go… I will NOT be flying with them anytime soon. Thanks for sharing

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