Twirly Girl Girls Maxi Dress Review

Twirly Girl Girls Maxi Dress Review

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Open it up to find the beautiful girls maxi dress inside! 

My daughter loves to dance and sing but finding dresses that can showcase her inner dancer can be hard to find. That is until I received a Twirly Girl Maxi Dress to review. I was impressed with Twirly Girl’s Maxi Dresses from the moment I browsed their website but the true test for me is always what my daughter thinks. 

Twirly Girl – Girls Maxi Dress 

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The dress my daughter is wearing is the Fairy Glen Melodies Girls Maxi Dress. 

With so many styles today getting shorter and shorter, I struggle to find dresses that are appropriate for my daughter to wear. The older she gets it seems the harder it gets. She also loves to look and feel like a fairy princess. She wants to be able to feel this way even when she is not playing dress up and she is our families’ biggest fashion critic.

She was super delighted as she unrolled her Girls Maxi Dress. The picture above shows how Twirly Girl Dresses come wrapped and ready for gift giving. The patterns on the outside are just a hint as to what is waiting for them inside. My daughter couldn’t wait to pen her gift and  and loved the multiple patterns that she found made up her dress. She had to hurry and put it on and spent the next hour twirling and dancing around the house. I was deemed the best mom ever and she didn’t mind doing some modeling so I could take pictures. She deemed it to be the best dress she has ever owned and made plans to wear it for Christmas and her upcoming birthday celebration.

She has requested that I buy her more girls maxi dresses like this kind. 

She couldn’t wait for Christmas or her birthday celebration to come and takes every chance she can get to put it on. The design of the maxi dress allows her to twirl, dance, and courtsey with freedom and flair which makes her very happy. I love the simplicity and craftsmanship of the maxi dress and recommend them for every girl who wants to feel free and fashionable.

Twirly Girl offers many other designs along with their girls maxi dresses and I recommend you check all them out for the special little girls in your life.  

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